Enhancing Your Online Course with Technology: A Curriculum-First Approach by Tracy Sherriff

Enhancing Your Online Course with Technology: A Curriculum-First Approach by Tracy Sherriff

By offering online courses and other learning opportunities, coaches and learning experts have a fantastic chance to share their knowledge with people all over the globe. However, putting together a top-notch online course involves careful planning, especially when using technology. Here’s what you need to consider.

Grasping the Heart of Your Curriculum

Before delving into the world of tech, it's super important to really understand your course's curriculum. What are the main things you want your students to learn? What skills and ideas do you want them to take away? Getting a solid grip on your curriculum's core helps you choose technology that works hand-in-hand with your teaching goals.

Picking Tech with a Purpose

The technology you use should be like a helper, not a boss, for your curriculum. When selecting tech tools, focus on ones that make learning more exciting and help students engage with your content. For example, if your course is all about teamwork and solving problems together, think about using platforms where students can collaborate online or work on virtual whiteboards. If your curriculum involves learning from videos, tools for creating and editing videos could be super useful.

Creating a User-Friendly Learning Space

The experience students have while learning is really important for the success of your online coaching course. Choose technology that makes it easy and enjoyable for students to learn. Having a simple and organized layout helps students move through your course materials smoothly, making the learning experience awesome.



Embracing Flexibility

The tech tools you choose should be flexible enough to work for different learning styles and preferences. Your curriculum might be great for people who like looking at things, listening to things, or doing hands-on activities. Your tech should be able to handle all these different ways of learning. Having options like video lessons, interactive quizzes, downloadable materials, and places to chat with classmates can work for lots of different learners.

Making Things Fit Together Nicely

When you add technology to your course creation process, make sure it fits right in with the way you're already working. You want to improve your curriculum without making things too complicated or causing problems. Look for tech solutions that can easily join your course platform and that don't need a lot of time to learn how to use.

Getting People Involved and Excited

Technology can really amp up how engaged students are in your coaching course. Look for tools that encourage students to talk to you and each other. Doing live webinars, having virtual office hours, and setting up places for discussions can make learning more interactive and interesting.

In the world of online coaching and learning, technology can be a powerful tool when you use it thoughtfully. Just remember that technology is there to help your curriculum shine, not the other way around. By knowing your curriculum inside and out, picking tech tools with purpose, focusing on making things easy for learners, being flexible, integrating tech smoothly, and getting students involved, you can create an online coaching course that helps your students succeed while keeping your educational goals front and center.

Tracy Sherriff is a Certified Director of Operations and Curriculum Expert who helps coaches, consultants, and industry experts successfully scale their business online with high-quality, high-impact courses and programs. She is the host of the Scale Your Course Podcast and the founder of Accelerated Learning, where she helps coaches exponentially scale their impact and income with highly effective, high value courses, workshops, and trainings without the fear, confusion, and overwhelm that prevents them from OWNING their expertise and making a BIGGER impact on the world.

You can connect with Tracy by visiting her website tracysherriff.com, or finding her on Instagram @tracy.sherriff

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