Getting real about ‘balance’

Getting real about ‘balance’

Getting real about ‘balance’


Finding/Reaching/Attaining balance. What an out of date concept. 


Nothing is ever balanced... okay, except maybe a set of scale in a clean room devoid of any outside influences.



So, let's get real. And take a timeout from the quest for balance.


Instead of striving for some impossible pipe dream of 'balance' let's switch up the conversation to something more attainable, more real.



How can you fill your mind, body and spirit to live a Whole Life? 


What does that even mean?

It means you look inside to identify the missing pieces and then you go our and fill them!


The beauty of a Wholeness focus? You can get to full! And then its your choice whether to be satisfied OR stretch more, expand your cup and fill even more.* This is how you get to the More that's Waiting For You. You fill towholeness and then expand and grow even more!


Forget 'balance' and switch your focus to Wholeness.


*Note: Open space is the most important element to include when filling your cup... this is what makes it possible to move between the different areas, to have choice and to set a foundation to grow from.


Okay – now how do you do this. Simple, #1 ask yourself these questions – or get a friend to ask you, as its so much simpler to be real with yourself when someone else asks you. (And I said real with yourself… you can keep your answers to yourself…)


a) What are your absolutely favourite things to do? What activities bring you joy?
b) When you’re do them (think about each one individually) what feelings are present that are missing in your day to day?
c) In an ideal world, where you have a magic wand that makes everything possible – how often and for how long - would you do each activity?

Step #2 – Book in the time. Carve the space for them out of your schedule. Fill your ________________ (insert feeling from b) muscles so you have the juice to do all of the other things in your calendar.

A change is as good as a rest… until you’re burnt out. So, switch it up, add some you time, and rock it!



Shannon empowers young professional women who have busted their ass’s and are left wondering “this is it? This is all my effort gets?” with the courage to ask for more and receive the recognition they crave.

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Shannon is also honoured to be the Branch Director for HHW Central Toronto, Ontario.



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