Today I am grateful for this place in my journey as an artist. Being a visual artist, painting is my language for expressing my thoughts and experiences. So why try to speak in a different language?

That’s where gratitude comes in. Today my heart is overflowing with JOY, and the only way to let it flow and be expressed is through GRATITUDE. I wish I could speak every language there is and spread it across the universe. That is an easy enough and enjoyable task from a place of light and joy. But how do I express gratitude at those times when the emotional landscape is bleak and full of challenges?

I turn to find expression through the language of the soul, which is my art.

I always knew I wanted to be an artist, and chose to be one, but only recently realized the true essence and power of creating art from the soul. The dialogue between the art and the artist is a channelling of messages from the Universe, Spirit, or Higher self. What we call it does not matter; it is the Source of all creation. The inspiration might be different in each work of art, but there is one common message. “Look at the whole picture, the colours of happiness, the highlights of joy, and shadows of grief. It is in perfect balance. You can think of yourself as being stuck in any spot, and it is exactly where you are meant to be at this time in your journey. You can and will keep moving through this life. The only constant is change.” This has been so true, and I gain strength from each transition and every challenge, big or small.

In the words of the great artist Picasso, “ Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.”
I have made it my mission to make art a part of everyday life and give it a prominent place in the toolkit of wellness. That is my inspiration to keep creating and teaching art. The process of fluid art that I teach lends itself to so many processes that are enjoyable, transformative and healing.
Colour energy is accessed and energized in this process to balance the energy flow.

I am grateful for the tribe of beautiful souls that support me along this path and bring me a step closer to fulfilling my mission.

I can also see that grief and joy can be present in a person simultaneously, and that the sorrow in itself doesn’t need to spoil the joy. That for me is true JOY.
That is the place from which I express my gratitude.


Sonal Raje

Blue Amber Arts

Sonal Raje is a visual artist in Guelph. She promotes expressive art through her teachings at the Wyndham art school and various workshops.
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