Healthy Holiday Clean Eating

Healthy Holiday Clean Eating

Holidays are a time when we are socializing more frequently with food and beverages that don’t always make for an easy new year getting back into routine.  I hear every year from well meaning women that once the new year comes around they are feeling like everything went out the window and their back to square one.

Getting back into the swing of things doesn’t have to be daunting and if you follow these simple clean eating tips throughout the holidays so you’re new years will have you feeling fantastic!!

Step 1- Stay hydrated throughout the day so you aren’t craving at your social gatherings.  When you’re dehydrated you crave more sugar and carbs. When you’re hydrated you’ll also eat less food than you typically would.  

Step 2 - Load up on your veggies because they contain nutrition and fibre that trigger fullness within your stomach to avoid overeating.  Before you leave the house eat half an avocado full of essential fats that make you fuller longer. When you get to the social gathering load your plate with all the veggies before you dip into the other appies available.  Your body will love you for it, you’ll have more energy and your digestion will thank-you.

Step 3 - Avoid starving the day of the party to avoid extra calories so you can eat more at the party.  This will create an issue around wanting to eat more than you can digest.  

Step 4 - Mindset around food and holiday eating is extremely important.  Your mindset creates your success. If you know a food makes you feel horrible then let’s create a new mindset around that food.  For example, after I did my first cleanse 20 years ago I have not drank dairy since. I made a decision that I just don’t drink milk.  And guess what happened? I don’t have an issue, I don’t crave it (where I used to), it’s no longer an issue because “I just don’t drink milk”.  Try it and see how your mind can change your choices.  

This is the time of year to enjoy yourself and not worry or feel horrible about your food choices.  It certainly is a shift and we have to do something different than we’re used to or choose a different mindset, when we do we can feel more empowered and energized.  

I’d love to offer you my highly requested Holiday Survival Reset Bundle that can be used between parties, after parties or after the entire season is complete.  Click here to grab your free bundle. It’s my holiday gift to you!!

Kristen Owens
Holistic Nutritionist, Natural Health Educator & Essential Oil Educator

Kristen is a mom of 3 and has been privileged to work in the wellness industry for the last 25 years. She has a passion for working with women with busy lives to guide them into becoming their own health advocates. They are free’d from excess weight, fatigue, cravings, imbalanced hormones and feeling 10-15 years older. Kristen puts the ease and fun back into making her health a priority as she becomes the CEO of her wellness.
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