More Bang for Your Buck: Meditation for Entrepreneurs

More Bang for Your Buck: Meditation for Entrepreneurs


Benefits of meditation are many: better concentration and mood management, relaxation leading to better sleep, improved mental health and immunity, lower blood pressure, and on and on the list goes.


Each one of these benefits is helpful in the life of any human, but what if you’re not quite like any other human? What if you want more? What if you’re an entrepreneur? Can you get more bang for your buck from meditation?


YES, yes you can!


Breath, mantra, mudra, and intention are all the elements of meditation. Let me explain each one, and how it can support a busy person who wishes prosperity and business success:


  1. Intention. We all talk about manifesting prosperity, we watched The Secret and all that, but the truth is, you don’t have to manifest anything! We think we have to do something, neglecting to integrate and embody the fact that prosperity is our birthright. Abundance is everywhere, accessible to all of us. Trying to manifest prosperity is like being thirsty, standing beside a clear spring and praying for pop to fall from the sky! All you have to do is to reach out your cupped hand, immerse it in the spring, and drink. Align yourself with the energy of prosperity, reach out your hand, and it’s yours!


  1. Breath can make you feel abundant! After all, you don’t have to do anything to deserve it or to manifest it. The breath is given to you, just because you’re here and you’re alive! However, intentional breathing practice can make you feel more alert, focused, detail oriented, even more outgoing! Try right-nostril breathing: Cover your left nostril, and breathe in and out through the right nostril only. Within 3 minutes of deep, slow  breathing you’ll experience a difference!


  1. Mantra is simply a repeated phrase, often containing sacred sound current, carrying the energetic vibration of certain physical, emotional, and mental states. And yes, there are mantras for prosperity and good luck, for destroying karma, for legal troubles, for eliminating various blockages - great topics for another article!


  1. Mudras are hand positions that are often used while meditating. Millenia-old science of mudras is based on the way that various hand positions alter the circulation of energy in the body, producing various awareness states and physical and mental effects. And yes, there are several mudras for prosperity. Look up Kubera Mudra if you want a simple, static mudra while doing a meditation. In Kundalini meditation there are also many other prosperity mudras that are practiced with specific meditations.


But guess what’s the most effective? If you combine all of these elements and extend the mudra to your entire body, you get a practice that is stunningly powerful! With that practice we can demolish the blocks (physical, mental, emotional) that are standing in our way to prosperity and abundance. 



Last year, a few weeks after going into the first lockdown, I succumbed to the wave of panic and confusion, as many small business owners did. I recognized that I needed to pivot, but I wasn’t clear on how exactly, so I started doing this practice. Pretty shortly after that, a new way to serve in my business clarified, I was able to continue with a new sense of purpose, drive and optimism, and a new source of income.


Do you want in? Join me for a 40-day group practice of Param Karam Dharam kriya - a moving meditation that will help you align with the flow of prosperity. You will discover new openings for growth and abundance in places that were previously unavailable to you. You will make shifts effortlessly, as you practice with the flow of energy, and that flow will carry you through your life and business. Awaken to new possibilities!


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