Spring into Self-Care in 3 Simple Steps

Spring into Self-Care in 3 Simple Steps


Spring is in the air. Can you feel it? After a long winter, are you ready for a fresh new season? And are you just as ready for some fresh new self-care ideas?

If you struggle to consistently take good care of yourself and your wellness needs, you’re going to love this simple seasonal approach.

By tuning into the infinite wisdom of spring, you can then apply those insights in a practical way to your own daily self-care. Since we as humans are nature too, we thrive when we can work with and not against the natural energy and rhythms of the seasons. Here’s how . . .


1) Notice the season around you.

What do you sense and feel on a typical spring day where you live? I picture fresh starts and stepping out, cleansing rains, invigorating winds and warm sunshine, all leading to buds, sprouts and blossoms. It’s a season of action, attending and adventure.

Once you understand spring’s vibe, you can reflect on what this specifically means for you and your self-care:

How could I incorporate more of the parts of spring that I most enjoy into my self-care practice?

How could I consider the parts of spring that I least enjoy to adapt my self-care practice?


2) Notice the season within you.

Now that you know what spring energy means to you, do your inner thoughts and feelings match? Or are there areas in your life where you’re just not feeling the spring vibe? Perhaps you’d rather rest like winter, savour like summer or finalize details like fall. Just because it’s spring outside, it doesn’t mean you’re necessarily up for new beginnings and blossoming in all areas of your life.

Awareness of your inner metaphorical season can help you have more compassion for yourself and customize your self-care to truly meet your needs:

In what one area of my life am I experiencing spring energy? How can I nurture that energy in my self-care?

In what one area of my life am I not experiencing spring energy? How can I nurture that alternate energy in my self-care?



3) Nurture your needs with ONE self-care practice.

Having reflected on your literal and metaphorical seasons, you’re now in an excellent place to choose ONE self-care practice to try. Don’t overthink it. Just go with the one that feels right, that energizes or soothes you, that feels like home.

And try it today! The best self-care is the self-care that actually happens, so by keeping it simple and starting right away you increase your chance of success.

By noticing the natural rhythm of the season around you and noting how that relates to the season within you, you have incredible insights on how to best nurture your unique needs. Your self-care will spring to life!



Nicole Moorey coaches women to consistently prioritize themselves and their own wellness needs, so they can give their best to themselves, their businesses and their loved ones: nicolemoorey.com

She’s pleased to lead HHW Thunder Bay as Branch Director: Facebook


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