The Benefits of Meal Planning for Women Entrepreneurs by Kathy Davis

The Benefits of Meal Planning for Women Entrepreneurs by Kathy Davis


“I’m too busy to eat healthily!” 

I hear it all the time, intelligent, successful, driven women putting their health on the back burner for everything, and everyone, else! 

As successful women entrepreneurs, we write business plans, we write social media plans, we write marketing plans, and we likely even write launch and strategic plans on what we do tactically to achieve our goals. But we need to do better at writing a meal plan that aligns with our health goals, wellness goals, or our well-being in general. 

We plan everything except the one thing that provides our body the energy to do all the other things! 

The benefits of meal planning for women entrepreneurs are enormous, massive, and tremendous!  

They are:

  1. Meal planning creates order in your life around food, meals, and meal preparation (if you want to have an action plan to execute after a long day of work, no wonder, stress, or worry about “what’s for dinner??”). 
  2. Meal planning guides your decisions around food (if you are looking to eat more plants, a meal plan creates the path to follow because you are integrating your goal into the plan).
  3. Meal planning creates a culture in your home (if you want to make more meals at home or more meals as a family, advanced planning allows you to make that happen easily). 
  4. Meal planning gives you a bird’s eye view of the week as a whole regarding using food to fuel your big days, significant events, and eating in alignment with your healthy living goals. 

Meal planning isn’t just about writing “tacos” in a square box on a dry-erase board on your fridge. How I teach meal planning is built on the foundation of your schedule, favorite meals, dietary preferences, time, budget, and more. I incorporate into my meal planning frameworks all the reasons people should meal plan and overcome all the reasons they think they can’t! 


Source:Photo from Super Easy Plant-Based Cookbook, by Kathy A. Davis, published by Rockridge Press. Copyright © 2021 by Callisto Media, Inc. All rights reserved.

Imagine waking up in the morning and knowing that you have a bowl of Apple Cinnamon Breakfast Quinoa awaiting you or that you can make a sandwich for your ”grab-and-go lunch” with this Creamy Chickpea & Fruit Salad! How confident would you be in choosing healthier options despite your packed schedule? 

Imagine it’s 5:00 pm, and you walk into the kitchen hungry, a little tired after a full day of work, tempted to reach for the take-out binder, but you don’t! You don’t because you are excited to see that you have these tasty and easy Chickpea Al Pastor Tacos on your meal plan! You toss the ingredients on the sheet pan, get them in the oven, change into your comfy clothes, do a quick workout, take the dog out, or play with your kids while a delicious and healthy family dinner cooks. 

You see, meal planning is about creating order, intention, and ease around something we encounter three times daily. When you plan your meals like a CEO, with your vision of healthy eating and living as the guiding light, you reap tremendous benefits of health, wellness, energy, productivity, and peace of mind. And what other benefits do you need to live a fulfilled and successful life? 

Want to learn more about Meal Planning like a CEO? Click here to access my How to Meal Plan like a CEO webinar, and resources today.  



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Kathy A. Davis is a Wellness and Mindset Mentor, Best Selling Author, and founder of VegInspired. Kathy leads other female entrepreneurs to live their most inspired and successful lives fueled by plants.

Kathy is honored and excited to be a US Happy Healthy Women Trailblazer.

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