The Most Limiting Belief

The Most Limiting Belief

What if the most limiting belief you can have is the belief “I have limiting beliefs.” 😊

Isn’t it interesting how it’s unlikely that we go around thinking, “I have non-limiting or freeing or expanding beliefs?”


Pause to think about this question for a moment.

Does it serve you or anyone else to think “limiting beliefs” is true?

It's more useful to believe that there are just thoughts that will drive you in one direction over another.

The reason why the brain might think that labeling certain sentences as limiting beliefs might be useful, is because it gives your brain something else to do.  

Instead of doing the thing that feels uncomfortable and actually moves you in the direction of the success you want, it's easier for the brain to do what is familiar.


The so-called limiting beliefs turns into a fix-it project.

  • “I have to get rid of these negative thoughts first.”
  • “I should be more positive.”
  • “I should feel more confident.”

Naturally, this is when you’ll look for a good TEDTalk, scroll through Instagram or listen to a podcast.

Ha! I have been there, so I know the cycle well.


The brain might think that it’s useful to cover up these thoughts with positive thinking or reducing the shame by “trying not to think about it,” but what ends up happening is this pressure to be a certain way in order to feel better about yourself.

So when that doesn’t work, It’s completely common for the brain to turn to the bag of chips or maybe even to start obsessing over rearranging your office.

Getting caught in a spiraling pattern of “I’m still not done yet” is not a fun way to move through the day.

You and I both know that those thoughts are not who you truly are.

Here’s what you need to shift you out of this mindset.

You can decide to be in partnership with your brain, acknowledge that all thoughts are neutral and surrender the label limiting beliefs.

That way, you can still send out that email, complete that video or finish that one thing that you said you were going to do even when you have beliefs that make you feel uncomfortable.

When you know how to recognize and redirect the thoughts that spiral you into doubt and defeat, making big decisions and taking the leap to do something different feels effortless.

When you know how to focus on what’s most important, distractions become white noise and you experience results you want at a faster rate. 

It is always easier than you think.

All it takes is your willingness to be in partnership with your brain.

Are you ready and willing?


. . . . . . 


About Vanessa Leung


Through 1-1 life coaching, Vanessa Leung is able to help her clients master their fear and self-doubt.  They learn to lead powerfully as their whole-hearted self by letting go of the people-pleasing perfectionism in a way that is self-loving. 

In every session, Vanessa’s clients uncover a deeper trust in themselves to follow-through on their goals with ease.  They make life-shifting decisions to propel them forward with confidence.  

Her clients get to level up and experience a deeper connection in their work and loved ones.  They have more time, freedom and presence to enjoy their life and business without the mind games.

There's only one skill you need to move forward with confidence.  Are you ready to live in SELF-MASTERY?

When she’s not deep in creating new belief in her clients, you’ll find her out in the forest with her fur-love, Barley, or in the kitchen with her partner cooking up a storm.

Her power statement is I AM IN IT NOW.

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