Turning Strengths into Superpowers

Turning Strengths into Superpowers

I’ve got a superpower! 

Huh?  Let me explain.  Firstly, I believe very strongly that everyone has a superpower…we might just not know it yet.

We do know this, your strengths are UNIQUE to you, and you alone.  In fact, if we were to take a look at your strengths profile, you will find you’re  beautifully unique.  1 in 33 million people will share the strengths line up as you.

Let’s back up a wee bit.  Dr.Clifton, who developed Strengthsfinder discovered that we all carry 34 talents within us, all at different degrees of course.

Our Top 5 are the ones that show up the most in our everyday lives.  However, these are natural talents, and only…ONLY when we begin to uncover and discover what those talents are, and INVEST in them, do they become Strengths.  Makes sense?  We need to put a name to those talents.

Think of it like a muscle.  We all have muscle.  But only when we flex that muscle, and spend time to build and train particular muscles groups, we see results.  The same holds true for our talents.

The awesome thing about talents is that they hold massive potential for us.  It’s through our talents where we can really dive into our greatest potential for success.

So, once we take the time to discover, uncover, invest, build and nurture our talents, we can then begin to reap the rewards.

Back to the superpower.  I love this.  And I love superpowers, in fact I love just saying the word, ‘SUPERPOWER’!

When we are really dialed in and aware of our talents and the talents of our team, and with the help of a skilled coach, we can really start to seek out those SUPERPOWERS.  How EMPOWERING is that?

Here’s an example, we just coached someone with Activator and Achiever in her Top 5.  

Hello!  I see a winner here…

People with strong Activator talents are super impatient for action.  They can make things happen by turning thoughts/ideas into actions.  They make decisions quickly.  They are usually influencers.

People with strong Achiever talents have a constant need for completion.  It’s almost like they have a fire burning within them – they MUST accomplish something at the end of each day.


Enter Superpower.  This person really is a MASTER at getting things DONE.  This person can not only masterfully influence a team, an organization or even a country, but this person can also EXECUTE beautifully. 

Thus, she can START and FINISH something.  Hello SUPERPOWER.

This is where skilled and purposeful coaches help open the door to each of our own potential and more importantly, our Superpowers.

What’s your Superpower?



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