Lead Your Own Branch of Happy Healthy Women

Step into Leadership & Watch Your Business Soar

There is a MASSIVE power that lies within you when you step into leadership and empower those around you!

➜ Get everything Wellpreneurs and Trailblazers do, PLUS:

✔ Step into Influence in your own local community by leading your own branch of HHW.

✔ Attract and convert clients by holding (online or in person) networking events & workshops in your area of expertise.

✔ An additional stream of revenue! Earn income through our affiliate program AND through holding events while connecting with our community, promoting your business & empowering others.

No recruiting members. Our community comes to YOU. Plug into our simple system and platform where women are referred to your branch in your local area.


Community is EVERYTHING

Next-Level Networking

By starting a banch of HHW, you'll step into Influence, attract like-hearted women, and generate an additional source of revenue.

Get Everything our Wellpreneurs and Trailblazers do, PLUS Branch Directors receive:

✓ A simple, plug in and go system to start running a successuful branch right away.

✓ The platform to create online and in-person events, process tickets and attract women from your local area with no need to "recruit" members.

✓ Support & guidance in leading a successful branch and how to grow your business as a result.

Trainings & How-Tos on Workshops that Convert, Content Creation and more.

✓ A community of other leaders to lock arms with and learn from.

✓ Monthly new & recurring revenue

Talk about your brand

Love & Gratitude

Confidence. Community. Connection. These are the gifts I have received from being a Happy Healthy Women Branch Director, and my heart is full of gratitude! - Fazeena Haniff, The Conscious Communicator

Branch Directing with Happy Healthy Women is Perfect For:

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