Natalie Colalillo

I come from an amazing family of incredibly dedicated, sweat, blood, tears type of entrepreneurs.

Growing up, I was taught to have a strong work ethic, a thick skin, and a no matter what attitude.  I learned that if you want to own your own business - and succeed - you have to be willing to roll with the punches and take the good with the bad.

I did all of this and more when I opened my first business - a women's accessory boutique at the age of 28. I had three walls, a pretty main street window and a boatload of determination. I was a happy, excited, girl.

Here's the part I didn't tell people, and didn't even know myself: I submerged myself into a life of "nothing else matters work", and when all signs began pointing in the opposite direction, I didn't listen.  Before I knew it, I was in debt up to my eyeballs, gaining weight, never seeing my other half and losing friends because I didn't have time to care. In my mind - this is what entrepreneurs did to succeed - so I accepted all of this as "rolling with the punches". The truth is, I didn't own my business, my business owned me.

So what happened? Naturally, I burnt out.  A reality check from my accountant and an honest look at the shape of my life dropped me flat on my face. I hit a breaking point personally, emotionally and financially and got pretty cozy at rock bottom. I couldn't figure out why things weren't working when I was working SO hard - and then it hit me. I wasn't working hard at all on the thing that mattered most. Me. This is what I call the end that sparked the beginning because here's where the magic happened, where I have found huge success, and why I decided to start this community, build a collective of incredible women, and mentor others.

Together, we have started a movement with branches growing across the globe! We are empowering women everywhere to live happier, healthier and more successful lives.

We promote healthy harmony as a way of life, rather than the “All work, no play” mentality that so many women are stuck with. There is a better way, and here's the thing: This big beautiful thing we call life? We only get one. I intend to make it count.

Thank you for joining me in happiness and health.

Natalie Colalillo

Founder & CEO

Happy Healthy Women