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ost of us know how to use Instagram for fun. And our profiles show it!

All the information is about us - hashtags, the college we went to, our favorite drink or coffee spot, etc.

The question is, when someone lands on your profile, do they have any idea you have something to offer them?


In this 75 Minute Workshop, Emily Tosoni will walk you through the things you need to pay attention to in your Instagram profile so that you can start to:

- Intrigue your ideal client when they land on your profile

- Engage them in your content and have them see more of what you're sharing

- Convert more paying clients


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About Emily Tosoni:

Social Media & Business Coach Growth

Emily Tosoni is a multipreneur - she has owned a network marketing business with Arbonne for nine years and also has a Social Media Consulting business where she gives women entrepreneurs the tools to grow an aligned and authentic business using Instagram without overwhelm or confusion.


Learn more about Emily and her business:

Website: emilytosoni.com