3 Tips to Feel Better in Your Body

3 Tips to Feel Better in Your Body


Societal messages, both overt and subliminal, make us believe that there’s some prize for being thin and beautiful and that we should strive to meet that ideal.  Society drills this message into our heads, reinforced by the beauty, fitness, and diet industries.


To feel better in our bodies, we need to remove things from our lives that make us focus on our appearance and feel badly about ourselves—things like TV, beauty magazines, and social media feeds.


1)Get rid of your scale.  Removing the scale from my home was one of the best and most liberating things I ever did!  If this thought makes you feel too anxious, then try just taking a break from using it.  I understand this can hurt, but think of it as if you were cleaning out a wound so it can heal properly.


2) Stop using the word “fat” to describe your feelings and start articulating your real feelings.  For example, instead of saying, “I feel so fat,” you might say something like, “I feel so overwhelmed.” By acknowledging your real feelings, you’re in a better place to give yourself some compassion and realize that restricting, overeating or being “thin” are not answers. 


3) Connect with your body through movement compassionately and enjoyably.  When we continually push ourselves to go further, faster, and longer, it takes pleasure from physical activity and can leave us injured.  Skip the gym and take a walk instead.   As you walk, try to notice as many pleasant things as possible by using all your senses.  Enjoy the fresh air, sun, trees, the smell of freshly-cut grass, and the feeling of the earth under your feet.  Take your time and enjoy it!


I’m the owner of Stephenie Farrell, Coaching & Wellness.  I help empower women to create freedom, health, success, and inner peace through community support and coaching.

As an Intuitive Eating Counsellor, Coach, Energy Therapist, & Yoga Instructor, I help women reach future goals that aren’t food or body-related.


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