Calming the Stress Storm - in 2 Simple Steps

Calming the Stress Storm - in 2 Simple Steps

Big presentation tomorrow. Networking event later today. Your boss calls you into their office. Cue the beginnings of stress - the nervous butterflies in your stomach, followed by worry and then doubt about your abilities. As this feeling washes over your entire body, you mind goes blank, what are you going to say? You look around and there's no way out! What do you do?!?

Phew, take a breath. In and Out.

There are a million and one reasons our human body experiences stress, creating adrenaline. If your life is actually in danger, think Saber Tooth Tiger finding your cave, adrenaline can give you super strength and abilities, saving your life.

The problem comes when adrenaline fires without a Saber Tooth Tiger present, when our old brain triggers the fight or flight response simple because something is new which happens all the time. 

Good news! You use this normal, neutral, natural fuel to move you forward! Instead of shutting down, learn the science of stress and how to flow with adrenaline, using it to move you and your team forward. In a matter of seconds, just 2 breaths!,  run through these 2 secrets to calm your mind, block out the crazy energy and find your words, painting a different picture of your situation.

A – Grounding

  1. Stand Up
  2. Few light foot stomps
  3. Close your eyes
  4. Breathe in and OUT. On the OUT imagine you are breathing down, into the earth.
  5. When you can feel your solid body, Open your eyes!

B – Bubbling  aka Shields Up!

  1. Stand and close your eyes
  2. Breathe In and OUT & Down
  3. Imagine a sphere of light coming down, and as it touches the top of your head, breathe sharply out, and imagine the light surrounding You.
  4. Open your eyes!

So, the next time the nervous butterflies in your stomach begin, quickly spreading to the rest of your body and your hands begin to shake… Despite the roaring in your ears, both blocking out and amplifying the sounds around you… Instead of looking for a way out, wishing it would all just stop…


Remember these 2 secrets  

Ground & Bubble!

And Ace that Presentation. Stay calm and collected during conflict between team members. Speak up with confidence.



Shannon empowers young professional women who have busted their butt’s and are left wondering “this is it? This is all my effort gets?”to go for more their more and bring fun and flow back into their lives.

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Shannon is also honoured to be the Branch Director for HHW Central Toronto, Ontario (where she runs the Secrets of Stress Success event 😊 )


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