Evolve or Repeat

Evolve or Repeat

It's all connected.

No part of you is separate from itself. "Fixing" things outside of you only offers a band aid solution. We repeat what we don't repair.

We are quite familiar with our physical bodies and their functions but less so with our bodies subtle energy systems. Modern-day demands, trauma, stressful events and emotional pain can reside within the body and create blockages that prevent the flow of vital "Ki" essential for our well-being.

Lower vibrating energy, entities and things that don’t serve us or contribute to our vitality can manifest as energetic blockages.
Who wants to live life on replay?  

Have you always felt that there is something bigger than yourself? RECONNECT WITH YOUR TRUTH.  You may be on the path to experiencing your higher consciousness.  Self-mastery is often uncomfortable. It comes with many, many challenges.  Ultimately, it’s a journey towards a deeper understanding of yourself and the cosmos.

What exactly IS "higher consciousness"? It's hard to put anything so limitless into a "box".  The simplest way to describe “higher consciousness” is to refer to an elevated sense of body, mind and soul. Your consciousness is a POWERFUL thing. Yet, oftentimes we don't fully tap into it.

Your perceptions, beliefs, and everything in between influences your reality AND it also creates it!  Your higher self is essential to fulfill your purpose and attain true happiness to live a meaningful life. Without it, you will never discover the true nature of being. The REAL YOU.

There will come a time in your life where you have no choice but to finally show up for yourself. This will be your soul awakening. You are always presented with two choices: evolve or repeat.  This is your invitation to follow your soul's true calling.

Take a step back and look at your life.
Did you realize you are the author, the director and the main character of your life?
There are things for you to learn, do and achieve in this life.
AND there is far more to you and your potential than you could possibly imagine!
When you resonate with authenticity and genuine awareness of your power and value in the world, you will find the magic and mystery unfolding before you. Your past and future are meeting in the nexus of this very moment. You're always free to reinvent yourself, and write a different story.

Align your choices with a higher consciousness of thought and emotion and you will change the very essence and quality of your life. Energy work isn't airy fairy stuff; Reiki makes the intangible VERY tangible. Reiki can be used to heal any form of illness be it physical, emotional, or mental.

You can be a contender or remain a pretender.
We are far greater than we can imagine; but we doubt.
Life has thrown suffering your way and propelled you on a truth-seeking path. There's no turning back. You've healed your past-life traumas and embraced your shadows. 

Self-mastery is about returning to the place of original innocence and connection.
Simply put, it is moving out of the energy of fear and back to love.
We ALL have life lessons we are here to learn for the evolution of our consciousness.

When you release experiences, emotions, judgments, thoughts, behaviors and old patterns that have been based in fear, you literally change the electromagnetic vibration of your body.

As you let go of expectations and your attachments to them, you literally become lighter. You allow more light to enter. When we approach life from an elevated perspective that everything is really happening FOR us as part of our spiritual curriculum, we no longer see our disappointment as a form of punishment, misfortune or failure. You can manifest anything- IF you’re in alignment with it. 

Hello 2020, let's manifest those dreams! Ditch the hustle, and get aligned.
I'll show you how.

Dorothy Knight is a Speaker, Reiki Master, Yogi for life and a wholehearted writer. She currently practices Reiki in Mississauga and is a sought-after teacher and speaker for the healing arts. Dorothy’s passion is to empower people to embrace self-mastery using energy healing methods.


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