Life As a Cookie

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When sh** hits the fan, your go to is either to blame whatever’s happening at work or complain about your partner… which is just being human.

But why does this happen? Simple, the paradigm many of us are using is one where we see ourselves as something supported by our work and home… instead of life a cookie! Where our self is the cookie, with home, work and more as the chocolate chips!

Okay, backing up a bit – the problem paradigm. 

When we use a diagram where everything is separated out, we create boxes in our lives, separating out parts of ourselves. You know this, because every time you say “Well, part of me feels like doing x, and part of me wants to do y…” we’re quite literally talking about different aspects of us. Even if we use a Venn diagram structure, there are still times when we try to be just one thing… just a worker be, just a wife / mother / daughter… and only a few times when we show up as all of who we are.

Instead, integrate all of the boxes to create your life cookie! In this model, you are the cookie dough - ever-present, encircling all of the bits that make you unique and delicious! Add as many ingredients you want, to make the perfect You Cookie – chocolate / raisins / nuts / etc. 

As you move through life, yourself has access to all of the skills you have ever learned, able to draw on what you need moment to moment, easily and effortlessly. 

The choice is your, keep up the strain of a life od boxes, or become a chocolate chip cookie and have access to all of your loves/skills/amazing all the time!

Want to make the switch seamlessly? Curious about how to do actually integrate your parts? Reach out!


From inner bondage to becoming a trailblazer in your own life, Shannon guides you through a compassionate process to become the Queen of Your World. Release the bonds holding your back and use the energy to accelerate you forward along the path you crave. 

Contact Shannon now to connect with a tribe of empowered women, ruling their Queen-dom’s with grace and heart. 

Shannon is also honoured to be the Branch Director for HHW Central Toronto, Ontario – join us Thursday mornings for Authentically Connecting – as all of who you are!

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