Living a Balanced Life Through Breathwork by Christie Hubble

Living a Balanced Life Through Breathwork by Christie Hubble

Our lives are busy, we have so many important roles at home and in our workplace that at times we can become imbalanced. These imbalances can be a result of:

1:  Family needs

2:  Work pressures and demands

3:  Challenges with time management

4:  Social life events

This list could go on and certainly could be more individualized. If we take inventory of our life, we can come to know where those imbalances are and find solutions to create harmony.

There are many ways that we can aim to create balance in our life and Breathwork is a powerful way to achieve it. All of us have the power within to become our own Inner healer. Making this a regular practice by tapping into your inner self and exploring can bring balance, clarity, and calm into your everyday life. The more we work on ourselves the more authentic our empowerment is.

There are stories we tell ourselves (some aren’t even our own), self fulfilled prophecies, habits/self limiting beliefs, the surface living, this is where we become reactors to life rather than the creators of our life. Where did our truths come from? We can be so bound to our truth that there is no room for any other information to be received. Our interpretation of reality is just that! Our interpretation. We recreate scenarios over and over again until we learn the lesson. We could spend our entire earthly existence with a changeup of characters but rehashing the same experience. When we live in our head too much, we waste a lot of time and simple tasks can become more challenging.

When we are living in the present- in the now, we are proactively creating the life we choose to live. Choosing the life you want to live is possible when we create space for it. The depth that can be achieved by committing to doing our inner work is incredibly powerful. Life truly becomes more balanced when we take time for ourselves to ground, awaken, and become clear on what matters the most.

The Power Within written by Tav Sparks discusses a concept called Yoga of the cross or Awareness Positioning System. This concept describes the horizontal line as our life material. The vertical line demonstrates what is grounding us at the bottom but also includes our belief systems, and the top of it connects us to our source, our universal intelligence. Keeping a natural, fluid flow where we experience life material and move it up and through the vertical enables us to stay present and in the moment. Regularly practicing Breathwork can bring the balance we are often seeking in life.


Christie enjoyed a long career in nursing and is now pursuing her passion in self development. Wellness Haven and Health offers Life Skills Coaching, Happiness Coaching, and Neurodynamic Breathwork. Encouraging self empowerment for all clients with a focus on the seven principles of wellness.

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