5 Nourishing Practices for the Fall Season

5 Nourishing Practices for the Fall Season

Whether you're young or old, or have children or not, September feels like the start of a "new year." There is an immediate shift in gears with planning and organizing during the initial flurry of activity that the start of Fall brings. 

As nature begins to spiral inward, there is an opportunity for us to do the same. So if it's "back to school," "back to you," "back to routine," or "back to basics," whatever you decide to call it, take some time to reflect on how you would like your Fall season to unfold.

Gone are the unstructured and spontaneous days of Summer in exchange for more rhythm and routine of Fall. Just like a breath, Summer represents the "breath out" and Fall represents the "breath in."
So in the spirit of "breathing in," enjoy my favourite nourishing practices as you switch gears this Fall.

#1 Journal
Take a few moments to record your reflections. As the trees change colour and shed their leaves, ask yourself, "what am I letting go of this fall?" and let the pen flow.

#2 Nourish yourself with "warmth"

Steep a warm cup of tea, cozy up with a blanket, light a candle and read your favourite book. Dust off your crockpot and enjoy simple hearty meals.

#3 Practice your "no" muscle 
As the opportunities come flooding in this time of year, learn to say "no." Resist the urge to over-schedule because of a fear of missing out (FOMO). Be deliberate in choosing activities that support you versus deplete you. 

#4 Adopt the mantra, "Hmmm, that's interesting..."
Be the calm in the storm of activity that September brings. Observe what's happening around you and allow the mantra, "that's interesting" to be your go-to saying to keep you centered and out of reaction mode and drama.

#5 Unplug and recharge yourself in nature
Invite more clarity into your daily life by simply being in nature. Enjoy the breath-taking scenery as the leaves begin to change colour.

While this "new year" can be a crazy time, don't forget to immerse yourself in the beauty and simplicity that the Fall brings when you allow it. Use these timely energy tools to help you not only survive this transition but to thrive through it as well! 

Welcome in Fall with open arms and let her beauty unfold before your very eyes...with grace AND ease.


Leigh Ann makes her home with her family in the Canadian Rocky Mountains where they enjoy a life of balance, simplicity and adventure. Best known as a Certified Feng Shui Practitioner & Abundance Coach, Leigh Ann helps women declutter their life on a physical, mental and spiritual level so they can live a life they love!

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