Finally. A Program that Gives You EVERYTHING You Need to Grow and Scale Your Brand and Business

You're a Coach, Online Business Owner, Wellness Practitioner, and/or Solopreneur...

You're great at what you do, BUT...

✔️ You're spending tons of time and money trying to get to the next level in your business, and you're still not sure what your next steps should be

✔️ You're finding it challenging to convert a steady stream of consistent clients, or multiple clients at a time.

✔️ Revenue is inconsistent and not sustainable.

✔️ You're not exactly sure how to scale or what that looks like

✔️ You're on social media constantly and not converting, OR you're overwhelmed by it and end up not posting for days or weeks

✔️ You launched your program, did all the things, and there were crickets

✔️ You're wondering how you'll ever get to 6 and 7 figures doing what you're doing now.

✔️ You're questioning it all, considering going back to a 9 - 5, OR wondering how you're ever going to escape the one you're in

✔️ You're scattered and you need a plan ASAP

Designed for Wellness-Minded Women in Business who are Ready for the Next Level

This program is about building a brand, a company, making an impact, growing multiple sources of consistent revenue, and flourishing!

1. Master the Most Powerful Synergy of Mind, Body, Business.

2. Find Clarity & Focus. Start magnetizing the right clients with your beautifully aligned brand and message

3. Create Systems that drive traffic, sales, and revenue

4. Scale Your Business while living with more freedom, and build a profitable business that will grow exponentially

5. Open Yourself up to a whole new world of passionate entrepreneurship, where multiple projects happen seamlessly and you're in FLOW

6. Go from Solopreneur to CEO. Learn a different mindset, path, and structure that will elevate every area of your life and business.

Learn from someone who has DONE IT

"I've taken my 20+ years of experience in building multiple successful companies, and wrapped them up in this program with a beautiful bow of freedom and success for women who are ready to stop playing small."

Natalie's entire life has been influenced by entrepreneurship. With a family of entrepreneurs paving the way, Natalie began her business journey in her late teens, and has succeeded in starting and growing multiple global businesses.

Natalie is also a graduate of Tony Robbins' Mastery University.

Natalie's approach is heart-centered, hands-on, action-driven, and results-focused. She holds nothing back in the Beautiful Business Program, and coaches with her whole heart front and center, wanting you to succeed beyond your wildest dreams.

In addition to being CEO of Happy Healthy Women Inc., Natalie is a Business Coach, Course Creator, and Community Leader.

I would highly recommend the Beautiful Business Program to anyone who's wanting to create the business of their dreams. - Dr. Lucille Necas, Fouder of The Joy of Purpose

The Beautiful Business Program is for you if:

✔️ You're ready to build a profitable business while feeling healthy, aligned, and making an impact.

✔️ You're ambitious, ready for more, and want to learn what CEOs are doing to create 6 and 7 figure businesses.

✔️ You want systems, strategy and REAL REVENUE in your business.

✔️ You want to build a COMPANY that operates with or without you in the trenches.

✔️ You want time to work ON your business not just IN your business.

✔️ You want to grow a business that creates multiple sources of consistent revenue, while allowing you to live a life of happiness, health and freedom.

12 Weeks to Your Beautiful Business: What We Cover

✔️ The Powerful Synergy of Mind, Body, Business

✔️ Your Business Plan and Roadmap

✔️ Crafting an Authentic Vision & Brand that magnetizes the right clients to you

✔️ Attracting a steady flow of your ideal clients

✔️ Social Media and Content Creation

✔️ Sales and conversion in the most authentic, heart-centered way

✔️ Revenue, Expenses, Profit

✔️Product & Service Value and Pricing

✔️ Business Money Mindset & Management

✔️ The CEO method for managing time

✔️ Building Your Audience & Raving Fan Base

✔️ Stepping into Leadership & Influence so that you are seen and heard

✔️ Building your dream team

✔️ Business Funnels & Email Strategy

✔️ Creating Gorgeous, Multiple Sources of Consistent Recurring Revenue

✔️ Taxes, Incorporation & Proper Financial Organization

✔️ Systems, Automation & Scaling

✔️ Next-Level Growth: Map out your company to SCALE & GROW


Wow! When I signed up for the Beautiful Business Program, I hoped to gain some insight to take my 2-year-old business from a solopreneur operation to a company with me as the leader and CEO. This program was so much more than that!

Natalie's guidance and expertise and the program's layout helped me take meaningful and intentional actions over the 12 weeks to elevate and grow my business.

I highly recommend Natalie and her programs for anyone looking to improve or elevate their business to the next level, no matter where they are in their business.

Kathy Davis - Founder & CEO of VegInspired

Loved this program! Natalie shares extensive knowledge about all the pieces necessary to start, grow and scale a business. She creates an awesome environment to learn and share with others and is always available to share her wealth of practical experience!

Cora Naylor - Emotion Code Practitioner

By the end of the Beautiful Business Program, you'll have:

✔️ The skills needed to run, grow, and SCALE a successful brand, business, and company

✔️ Clarity, Strategy, and Systems that will give you your time and financial freedom

✔️ A Plan for Your Time, Money, and Scalable Business

✔️ A Roadmap to Success with Clearly Defined Steps

✔️ More Clients, Revenue, sustainability and GROWTH


Natalie's program is wonderfully laid out and planned, and takes you through all the aspects of building/growing a business - from mindset to practical tactics.

What I enjoyed most about the program was the structure - every week for 12 weeks ensured action and momentum, and during the sessions themselves there was plenty of time for individual work, reflection, planning, writing, along with time to engage in discussion with the group.

Vera Ilnyckyj, Founder of Practical Wisdom Coaching for Women

A Holistic Approach to Your Business

Natalie offers such a special space that allows you to open up about your business (and often life) challenges, goals & triggers - to then be able to help you move in a direction that is right for you and your own business journey. She offers a holistic approach by reminding you that health, wellness and success is one full circle - which has had a huge impact in the way I have been approaching my business and work.

I loved my sessions with Natalie - she is that type of business coach that you know will remain in your corner, supporting and cheering you on beyond your sessions.

Teagan Cook – Founder of The Grand Plan Group


The Beautiful Business Program is by Application and Spaces are Limited

We are NOW Accepting Applications for our April 2024 Cohort