Bloom: The Mind Edition: A Journal to Guide You to Mind Your Mind

Author: Schmitt, Anita

Binding: Paperback

Format: Illustrated

Number Of Pages: 122

Release Date: 02-05-2023

EAN: 9781990352607

Languages: english

Take the time to mind your mind by creating new thoughtful habits, one at a time.

I’m not good enough, I’m not smart enough, I’m not worthy, the world is a mess, I forgot to get milk, I’m so dumb, I look fat in this, this soup is really good…” We have thousands of thoughts every day - some are conscious, some are unconscious, but if you think about it, most of them are negative and can sometimes be demeaning or mean. What if, instead, most were positive, empowering, inspiring, and kind? Would life look a lot different? What are the thoughts that run through your mind? Are you aware of them? Do you question them?

This journal is your guide to thinking about what you're thinking about - to be aware of your thoughts, to challenge them and use them wisely. Our thoughts are the only thing we have complete control over, and in this journal you will explore what they are. Use this journal to begin a thoughtful 12-week journey that seeks truth and constructive thinking so you can bloom in body and soul.

Bloom: The Mind Edition will help you:

* Check in with your overall health in mind, body, and soul

* Form 3 new thought-provoking habits that you can easily implement

* Follow daily journal prompts that will exercise your current way of thinking

* Use the calendar to track your progress

There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.” - William Shakespeare



Anita Schmitt is a Mind/Body Wellness Coach, writer, and gut health enthusiast. She has a passion for travel and a fondness for the word “bubbles” (try saying it in an angry voice). Her unique approach to health is far from “calories in, calories out.” Anita uses compassion, kindness, a sense of humour, and a “one step at a time” approach to help her clients go beyond the scale and bloom into their healthiest selves.

Anita believes that feeling amazing every day and loving yourself from the inside out is more important than a dress size. She says, “to truly bloom it is important to enjoy food, have less stress, listen to your gut, mind your mind, connect with your soul, and love your body.”

Anita studied nutrition at the Food Matters Institute and the mind/body connection to food at the Institute for the Psychology of Eating. She would love to be in a world where vegetables replace pharmaceuticals (like Hippocrates said, “let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”) and we experience life through a thoughtful lens and inspire ourselves and others to bloom in body and soul.

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