Karen Vaile


Meet Karen, a certified Life and Mindset Coach, who is specialized in confidence-building. For decades, she's been empowering women to discover their inner strength and personal power. With a rich career background in mental health counseling and first responder, Karen has a unique skill set that helps women on their transformative journey to unshakeable confidence. She is passionately dedicated to turning your apprehension and self-doubt into assertiveness and ambition.

With a tailored approach for each client, Karen helps navigate life's ups and downs with newfound confidence. Her goal is to help every woman reach her fullest potential and to become more confident and successful. "Karen's program, "Create Your Confidence," embodies her dedication to empowering women, assisting them in taking bold action to achieve all their personal and professional goals. Want to find out more about this 1:1 coaching program and how Karen can assist in your journey toward self-assuredness and personal success? Just DM her for more information.


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