Embracing My Journey - Insights from Nearly 12 Months Without Alcohol by Kayleigh Kennedy

Embracing My Journey - Insights from Nearly 12 Months Without Alcohol by Kayleigh Kennedy

It was the beginning of March 2023. I was in Las Vegas for a mastermind—a powerful mastermind that would change my life. I was elevating, stepping into a newer version of myself... and then I had a few too many drinks, and old ways of thinking crept back in.

The next day, I wasn’t hungover. I felt shame—an awful feeling.

It wasn’t as though I had a drinking problem; it had been quite a while since the last time I lost control. But there was one thing in common: shame that I felt the next day. Embarrassment.

I dug into this emotion. Why was this coming up? I hadn’t done anything wrong. I hadn’t done anything bad. I just indulged a little too much.

The shame came from parts of my past that I thought I had forgiven myself for. Turns out, I hadn’t. The thoughts in our subconscious minds have a way of presenting themselves.

The shame also came from my perception of who I was being in those moments versus the woman that I was trying to embody—the old me versus the new me. The resistance.

This is a part of the story that I haven’t openly shared before. But as I am coming up on my one-year anniversary of deciding to be a woman who doesn’t drink alcohol, I think it is important to share.

March 11, 2023, was the last time alcohol passed my lips. And it was the easiest decision of my life.

I want to flash back to about 6 months before I made this decision because I think this is important too—no matter what decision you may be avoiding.

I had the idea that the person I wanted to become didn’t drink. And she definitely didn’t drink more than one glass of wine with a meal. That was the image I had in my mind of myself with my goal achieved. This was personal to me because of who I wanted to be and what I needed to let go of from my past. I was struggling to step in to her. One glass sometimes would turn into two. There were a few times where I did lose control.

But I didn’t make the decision to stop completely because of the stories I held onto.

That story about ‘it's only one glass of wine.’ That story about ‘will people understand.’ That story about ‘if I give up alcohol, they will think I had a drinking problem.’ That story about ‘what will I do at parties.’

Those stories were all BS. Completely.

Once you make a decision that is aligned with the person who you desire to be, aka your higher self, everything works out.

No one questioned my decision. People were incredibly supportive. I inspired other people to make the same decision, which in turn has changed their lives for the better. I have been attracting more and more people who also have made the decision not to drink into my life.

The morale of the story - no matter what decision you face, if it is going to align with your higher self, the person you want to be, and help you step into your self-image and become the person who is achieving your goals, you owe it to yourself to eliminate the BS stories that you are creating. This is your life. These are your goals. The truth is, if you think people will judge you, that is on them, not on you. And what will likely happen is if you make a committed decision and stick to it, you will find that you are so incredibly supported.

If there are decisions that you are struggling with, or you aren’t sure of the image you want to step into of your next level self, reach out. I would be happy to hop on a complimentary discovery call and see if I can help you with some clarity and direction.

To your limitless potential and stepping into who you desire to be,

Kayleigh Kennedy is the Founder and Mentor of Limitless Coaching. Contact Kayleigh at hello@kayleighkennedy.com or follow her on Instagram @thekayleighkennedy

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