A Global Movement: Over 15,000 Women & Growing

We are an in-person and online global community grounded in happiness, health and entrepreneurial success. This is a movement, and we welcome all who identify as women to join us.

As a collective, we offer networking events, workshops and opportunities for women entrepreneurs to grow personally and professionally.

We also offer a platform for women to promote their business while being supported, inspired and uplifted. For us, happiness, health and success make up one full circle.

Happy Healthy Women is committed to cultivating and preserving a culture of diversity, inclusion and connectedness. We are better together.

About Natalie

As the founder and CEO of Happy Healthy Women, Natalie thrives on building community, and leading women to be happier, healthier and wildly successful.

Her heart's calling lies in bringing women together from all walks of life, and empowering them to step into their greatness. As a multi-passionate entrepreneur, starting Happy Healthy Women has been the most fulfilling of her projects, as she is able to lock arms with incredible women who have similar passions, and create impact in the world.

With over 20 years of experience in both wellness and business, Natalie is also a Plant-based Lifestyle & Business Coach, empowering women to create their dream businesses, and be wildly successful in their most vibrant, freedom-filled lives.

Natalie's Story