Rusti L Lehay

Global Editor, Book & Writing Coach

Rusti L Lehay, global editor, book and writing coach, created over 40 guides and templates for the writing journey. As a result of Rusti’s events and unique coaching techniques, writers generate a large body of work, many becoming published authors. Her collaborative/immersive editing methods ensure writers retain artistic control. Under Rusti’s empathic, heart-centred approach, authors and novice writers build confidence to independently craft and tweak writing projects. 

Seeing writers establish their unique voice to connect with their audience – the real boss, not the author or editor, invigorates Rusti. Her primary mission, honed through teaching weekly writing classes, is to inspire, provide value and make writing fun and easy. Ask about her bi-monthly online writing STAY-Treats and monthly Writers’ Lounges for seasoned and new writers.

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