Sushma Kashyap

Certified Bookkeeping Professional/Founder/CEO of Upright Bookkeeping Corporation

Sushma Kashyap’s passion lies in creating a vibrant and supportive community where women are not only encouraged to chase their entrepreneurial dreams but also to thrive in their well-being. She's on a mission to elevate women and create a safe place where women can share without any fear, also providing them the tools to step confidently into their own greatness.

She is also one of the founding members of the IBY (I Believe in You) League, a South Asian parents' collective, that fosters unconditional confidence in parents and their children. With her life experience, Sushma is all about sharing the values of respect, personal growth, and creating a nurturing space. She's committed to expanding horizons and inspiring women to achieve their dreams, and she has a vision of achieving something truly remarkable in the future. She's here to guide you toward opportunities for both personal and professional growth. So, let Sushma be your guiding light on your journey to unlocking your full potential.

Upright Bookkeeping Corporation is an honest and reputable bookkeeping service that offers personalized solutions, financial assessments, and tailored recommendations for business growth.

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