Terri Besworth

Health & Wellness Expert


Terri is a Mom; a wife; an entrepreneur; a connector of people. She believes there's another way to look at your career; skincare; and what goes into and onto your body. She also believes in leaving people a little bit better than how you found them.

Terri has a background in the Pharmaceutical Industry, holding various sales and marketing positions and has had the opportunity to work with big brands like Materna ®, Tensor ® Bandages, and braces and BOTOX ®. She walked away from that industry after a successful career, to start her next one; being a Mom. Terri had her babies at 41 and 43 and realized she wanted to be able to have even more in her life. So she expanded to the Social Marketing Industry, starting her Arbonne business in April 2015. Terri loves the idea that her business is Global and focused in the area of making peoples’ lives better and loves getting up every day to see what change she can make in the world. 

Terri is also very passionate about helping others consider that there is another way when it comes to their income potential. In the corporate world, someone tells you how much you money you will make and if, or when, you will get a bonus. Having multiple income streams coming into a household offers freedom, flexibility and choice.

In August of 2017, Terri's family sold all that they owned in Toronto, Ontario and moved across the country to live in beautiful British Columbia. They believe that there's another way to live their life, to expand their kids' world, to embrace their health. They haven’t looked back. 

In November 2017, Terri realized that she could still do more. She found that there's another way she could help others and so she started her journey being a Branch Director for Happy Healthy Women. Terri loves this collective of women and what we stand for, which is "helping women to step into something that they are inches away from"! 

Learn more about Terri and her business:

Website: arbonne.com