Empowering Home Syle: Love is in the Details

Empowering Home Syle: Love is in the Details

I just can't stop thinking about the episode on Queer Eye when Karamo kept saying, 'Love is in the details'.  It's sooooooo true!

The little stuff really does matter, because it's the little stuff that ultimately makes up all the big stuff.

As a Leadership/Success coach, I'm privileged to coach young leaders how to really ignite their confidence and leadership in order to excel at what they are chasing. A big part of what I do is take my clients back, way back to when they use to 'dream'....remember those days?

I’m living my dream, and boldly putting myself  ‘out there’ by adding another leg to my company, Interior Styling.  

When we add beautiful details to our space, to our homes, to our writing, to our businesses, to our relationships, everything just seems to be enriched. There's just more love.

Let's look at your space. Do you have some photos that take you back to an amazing trip, or photos of people you adore? Start thinking about creating a gallery wall. Gather up things you love. Add some green to your space, it's a simple as buying a few stems from your local florist. How about books? Books can tell a million stories, and really help define your style and how you roll. Adding quotes that inspire you, add art that makes you feel good.

Those are just a few ideas. For me, I have shells all around my home. They remind me of my mum. I've collected shells from all parts of the world, starting from when I was very young. I treasure this.

Many people say to me, 'I have no idea what my style is, I'm not good at this Katy!' Here's a tip, start with what you don't like. Crazy thought right? But once you know what isn't in alignment, or doesn't make you sing, then you can really start to creating with a blank canvas, but a clear canvas.

Creating a style is cool. It is empowering and can tell your guests/friends a story about who you are.

As much as we work on the inside stuff (Success Coaching) it's equally as important to have an inspiring space, a space that we can be proud of. So, the outside stuff requires attention too. Trust me on this one.

Think about your style. Think about what you love, and what brings you happiness and joy. Love is in the details.



Katy Loewen

Home Stylist/Success Coach



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