Distracted? 3 Ways to Re-align with your Center and get back to the Productive You

Distracted? 3 Ways to Re-align with your Center and get back to the Productive You

Hooray! Life is getting back to the (somewhat) way we once knew. We can go out again, see people, make plans!

If you're like me, while this is all good news, it also means a little re-learning how to do life again.

Life with a limited social calendar, although not fun at all, meant the focus on business was through the roof for many.

So how do we invite all things joyful back into our lives while we aim to maintain our focus on our passions, purpose and the empires we are creating?

We need to get re-aligned with our center. Our heart's desire. Our motivated, productive, force of a woman within.

She's in there, in fact, I myself just found her again a couple of weeks ago. Here's how to do it - 3 great ways!

1. Drop the Victim Mindset. "I can't because", "It's hard because", "they did this and now...". If you find yourself going down the rabbit hole of blaming something or someone else for why you have lost you focus  - time to put an end to that now.

Although being in the Victim Mindset may FEEL like it's helping you and teaching someone else a "lesson", it’s actually holding you back. I talk all about it here!

It's time to take full responsibility and SHRUG off anything that doesn't feel aligned with you. Someone's words, an unexpected bill, unnecessary bickering - literally and physically shrug it off and see a more empowered you replace the victim you.

2. Get ready to go out, even if you're not. Alright, so some people may not be jumping back into seeing all the people and doing all the things just yet. 

Even still, if you're working from home and wanting to move to the next level of your business - get your VIBE on the next level by getting ready. It's tough to level-up in the same clothes you got cozy and slept in last night.

Doing your hair, your makeup, getting dressed and even putting shoes on makes a MAGICAL difference - even in how you read/respond to email. I encourage you to try it out for a week and notice the difference.


3. Put yourself into the joy zone & get to work!

I find that sitting myself down and remembering why I started doing what I do in the first place helps me really re-align with my truth and passion around what I'm doing. 

What brings you joy about the work that you do? Find THAT again.

Tidy up your space, put your favourite working music on, open up the blinds and sit down in your space with focus and intention. Also, leave that phone in another room. Anything important that can be done on your phone, can likely be done on your computer - minus the distraction and urge to check Instagram 18 times a minute.

At the end of the day - good feelings, bring about good energy, and more good feelings. Productivity is a great feeling that will come when you've created space for it and set the tone. When you show up as the next version of you, the universe hears you and responds with more goodness all around.


Feeling aligned but need a little help on the business side of things? Our June cohort of the Beautiful Business Program is open for applicants! It may be a fit for what you're looking to accomplish.

In Happiness & Health,

Natalie Colalillo

Founder & CEO Happy Healthy Women

Instagram: @happy_healthy_nat


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