4 Reasons to Focus on Building a Brand, Not Just a Business

4 Reasons to Focus on Building a Brand, Not Just a Business

I talk about this often - in our masterminds, on coaching calls, on LIVES - The importance of building a BRAND and not just a business if you're wanting to grow and scale a company. I know - sounds a little obvious! However, when you really dig into the mindset piece around this, it makes a huge difference in so many ways, but especially to your bottom line. 

Here are 4 reasons why business owners need to focus on building a brand, not just a business:

1. The WHY of the organization.  When operating as a business, you're operating as an organization that markets a product, service or opportunity. When operating as a BRAND, your business has a deeper reason to keep moving forward and create an impact. The WHY of your business shines through, and gives customers something to connect to. It also allows your business to make an impact.

2. Your brand is the reason people buy - or don't. A brand builds connection and a reason for people to agree or disagree. Yes - color, logos, and websites all have a role to play in this, but more importantly, its about people connecting to your messaging, your mission and your values. A brand gives your business personality, heart and a reason for people to connect.  It's a little like online dating. A profile may look great - but if on a first date there's no commonality, no connection, no spark...there likely won't be a second!

3. Brands get noticed, businesses get ignored. Have you ever followed a business or someone IN business that posted offer, after offer, after offer? Chances are your following didn't last long and you got bored of being sold to.

Brands are about connection, connection, connection. The more a brand focuses on connecting, the less they have to make "offers". There's a different vibe when a company is focused on the best for their clients versus when they are simply looking to make more sales. When a brand goes above and beyond to care about the customer experience, they build loyalty and that goes much further than promotional content.

4. Brands allow businesses to pivot. You and your business are ever changing, and a brand builds a foundation so that you're able to shift products and services while still maintaining a consistent message and feel. When you DO pivot in your business after you've built a solid brand, fans will continue to buy what you produce. These are your Super Fans.

There's definitely way more to consider around building a brand, and it's why we have an entire session set aside for this in The Beautiful Business Program. It's essential for the growth and scalability of an organization.

If you've been feeling a little like "I can't find clients", or "we need to make more sales"...it may be an indication that your business could use a shift in focus toward building a brand, connection and customer loyalty.

And yes, I'm always here to help those wanting to take their business to the next level. Let's connect!


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