6 Things to Keep in Mind When Choosing a Topic for Your Online Course

6 Things to Keep in Mind When Choosing a Topic for Your Online Course

Choosing the right course topic is critical to the success of your course launch. With the wrong course topic you run the risk of not being able to attract, convert, or even retain the right students and clients.

The consequence: little to no sales, frequent refund requests, and a whole lot of wasted time and energy on your part.

So how do you choose the right course topic for your course launch?

1. Get clear on your business vision and mission. Many entrepreneurs underestimate the importance of having these statements as a guide post when creating new offers. What are you and your business trying to create in the world? That’s your vision. You also need to get clear on your mission. Your mission is how you and your company will live out and achieve your vision. If you skip this step you run the risk of creating a product that is out of alignment with your bigger purpose.

2. Narrow your audience. When you really niche down and know who you want to help with your course, you’ll be better positioned to create something that will be easier to sell AND will make your curriculum easier to write.

3. Take the time to talk to really know your audience. You probably know market research is extremely valuable when it comes to making decisions on what to create. The key to good market research is asking the right questions and more importantly, being open to really listening to the answers. Too often experts teach what they think needs to be taught instead of what their audience really needs to overcome their most immediate challenges.

4. Choose a topic that solves a problem that requires an immediate solution. Adults are more likely to engage in learning that solves a TODAY problem. They aren’t solving a problem they had yesterday that is no longer creating barriers for them, and they aren’t engaging in learning to solve problems they MIGHT HAVE in the future. They want to solve the biggest problem they have in their life RIGHT NOW (but hint… they may need your help in identifying what that problem actually is).

5. Choose a topic that requires people to DO something. Problems don’t get solved by passively sitting and taking in information. People need to engage in learning that gets them taking the RIGHT ACTION at the RIGHT TIMES for the best result.

6. Choose a topic that has a measurable outcome. People need to know exactly what they will get, have, or be when they finish your course. You need to choose a topic for your course that has a specific outcome with measurable performance criteria so they know if they actually achieved what they set out to do or not.

Choosing a course topic can feel very overwhelming, especially when you have so many things you could possibly teach. Keeping these five things in mind will get you closer to choosing the right course topic and have you one step closer to putting your offer out into the world.

Tracy Sherriff is a curriculum specialist and operations consultant who offers an all-in-one solution for entrepreneurs, coaches, and service-based professionals to successfully scale their business online with high-impact, curriculum-based courses and programs. You can connect with Tracy by visiting her website tracysherriff.com, or finding her on Instagram @tracy.sherriff

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