5 Ways Offering a Course Can Elevate Your Business & Your Brand

5 Ways Offering a Course Can Elevate Your Business & Your Brand

Online courses have become a very popular way for coaches, consultants, and other experts to create additional revenue in their business. Some use courses as their main business model and choose to sell a signature course that can range in price from hundreds of dollars to thousands of dollars. Others sell one or more mini-courses at a low-ticket price point, or they may choose to create memberships where they offer a variety of mini-trainings and workshops on a particular topic for a monthly fee.

And really, why not? By 2025, it’s predicted that the online education industry will be worth $325 billion… Yes, BILLION! Woah!

Even though there was an obvious surge in the popularity of online education in the pandemic, the industry shows no signs of slowing down! That’s good news for course creators.

However, while courses can help you create more revenue in your business, here are 5 other ways creating a course can help you exponentially elevate your business and your brand. 

Launching an online course can help you:

1. Raise your authority - Offering a course can help you position yourself as an expert on a particular topic. By showing up as a teacher and sharing your expertise, you automatically build trust and credibility with your client/customers and turn cold leads to warm leads.

2. Build a deeper connection with your audience - When you commit to teaching someone something new, you naturally become more in tune with your learner. This can offer you valuable insight into how you can better support them which leads to you being better able to offer them what they want instead of what you think they need.

3. Boost your reach - Reach is the number of unique people who see and interact with your content. Courses offer you the opportunity to serve more people with less time, energy, effort, and resources.

4. Enhance support to your current clients - While some offer a course to replace their 1:1 coaching or service, there is tremendous opportunity to use courses to offer more support to your client without you increasing face to face time.

5. Increase Accessibility - Online courses can be purchased and completed by the participant on-demand. This offers a great deal of flexibility for the participant which increases customer retention, course completion, and brand loyalty.

With so many benefits to creating a course, it’s not a surprise that many coaches and consultants have transitioned to offering courses in their business.

Will this be you?



Tracy Sherriff is a Curriculum Operations Expert who helps coaches, service-based professionals, and other experts successfully scale their business online with high-touch, high-impact courses and programs. You can connect with Tracy by visiting her website tracysherriff.com, or finding her on Instagram @tracy.sherriff

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