5 Things that Will Help Your Part Time Business go Full Time Sooner

5 Things that Will Help Your Part Time Business go Full Time Sooner

More and more women are deciding to make big change in the way they live out their lives and are moving toward entrepreneurship as a way to achieve the freedom they have been longing for. Nothing makes me happier, and it's a big piece of what we discuss in the Wellpreneur Club Mastermind Meetings and on our Monthly Leadership Calls.

While entrepreneurship is beautiful and can provide so much more opportunity, joy and creative freedom, it also requires a different skill set, mindset and discipline. The good news is, it can all be learned!

Below, I offer 5 ways that I believe are HUGE in moving from that place of part-time business or "side hustle", into a full-time, thriving business that generates a salary (yes - it's possible - with benefits) for you, and multiple team members to come.

Here are 5 ways to start making your part-time "side hustle", a full-time thriving business.

  1. Develop a CEO Mindset – First and foremost, someone wanting to take their part-time business to a full-time, thriving company, has to start seeing their business in a whole new light.

Are you looking at your business from the inside of it, as a sole proprietor doing all the things, or are you looking at it from a bird’s eye view, at all the moving parts and thinking about how to optimize each?

It doesn’t matter if you’re the only person in your organization right now. The minute you start seeing your business as a growing empire that is making space for multiple employees and an abundance of clients, is when you’re business will start attracting that.


  1. Get Clear on What You’re Selling – Another way of looking at this, is what is the biggest problem your potential clients have, and how are you helping them solve that?

In addition to that, how is it packaged? This sounds like common sense, but you’d be surprised at how many business owners aren’t clear enough on this, and they end up creating content around the topics that their passionate about, without any real ways for their clients to enroll in what they’re offering. This has to be clear, concise and simple. A confused mind will say no.


  1. Get Clear on Your Business Funnel – Now that you’re clear on what you’re selling and how it’s packaged, how are you moving people from their first look at you, toward becoming your client?

What does that journey look like? Envision yourself taking a potential client by the hand, and walking them through your offerings. Does it all make sense? Does one offering lend itself to the next, or do you go from freebie to a $10,000 package with noting in between?

Having a clear business funnel is absolutely essential in giving you a realistic visual of what is currently happening in your business, and providing a much clearer path for both you and your potential clients.

A funnel also allows you to automatically walk people through toward making the decision that’s right for them, and will also show YOU where you need to be spending the majority of your time.


  1. Consistent Action in the Right Places – Speaking of where to spend your time, my two biggest questions for the women who feel challenged in this area are a) where are you spending most of your time?, and b) how consistent are you in that?

Quite often when we start a business, we imagine ourselves doing the thing we are selling. I.e., coaching. We envision ourselves with clients, on coaching calls and invoicing for our services. And yes – it's important to visualize those things for SURE, however, it’s also important for us to realize that at the beginning, 90% of our time will be spent on doing the things that actually help us get eyes on what we’re offering, not necessarily on doing the actual thing we are offering.

If you’re in this place, trust that you’re doing things right and that you’re not FAILING as an entrepreneur. You have to SHOW UP in order to GO UP.


  1. Multiple Sources of Passive Revenue – You’ll probably hear me talk about this in every single piece of content I put out there, because I believe SO STRONGLY in being smart and creating more than one way for your business to generate revenue.

Creating revenue streams that continue to flow while you’re working on other things, is the key to creating not only a full-time business but a solid, deeply rooted business that can withstand the stormy seasons. They WILL happen - but you can do something about it before they do!

Being able to even out the roller coaster ride of business, especially when it comes to revenue, is essential and requires a different mindset and skill set, but it’s completely doable. After all, you got into business to grow, and have a life of freedom and choice - so let's make that happen, shall we?

If the above resonates and you'd like to be in on conversations where we talk about these things as they specifically relate to YOU and YOUR business - you'll love the Wellpreneur Club! We have weekly Mastermind Sessions and High-Vibe Business chats that are there to help women get out of their head and into their heart-centered success!


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