A New World: 11 Signs You're Awakening to Higher Consciousness

A New World: 11 Signs You're Awakening to Higher Consciousness

You can’t explain it but you feel different. You even have the sensation to have become a new person, which has nothing to do with the one you were before. The reason you're seeking is because your soul instinctively knows that it's ready to grow and shift into a new, higher vibration. As I understand it, this growth can result in aches and pains, as the lower densities inside you move through and are transformed.

The journey to become “woke” is unlike any other and there are certainly no shortcuts or set time frames to get us there. The clearest way in which spiritual awakening manifests itself is in terms of the wakeful person’s different perception and experience of the world around them. It can at times, honestly feel like you’re going crazy! In the first stages it can also feel lonely and overwhelming. But bit by bit we start to see the beauty of life unfolding as we seek the magic that each day brings.

When the filters of social conditioning begin to dissolve, more impressions come into our minds and affect us more powerfully.

Most Common Signs of Spiritual Awakening:
1. Intensified Perception
This intensity of perception is sometimes experienced as openness to experience or, in slightly different terms, an increased sensitivity. We become acutely aware of our environment, those around us and whatever is happening in each given moment.

2. Increased Timelessness
As our sense of ego becomes weaker, the more linear time seems to fade away. Our perception of time slows and expands — and eventually disappears into now-ness.

3. Awareness of Spiritual Energy
Every moment offers the sense of being both magnificent and also very ordinary. We come to understand that this life force is the “source,” of something underlying and fundamental that doesn’t just pervade all things but gives rise to them, too. This is the space where we become master manifestors.

4. Aliveness & Harmony
We see and recognize that all things shine with the radiant aliveness of spirit. All things in existence have a quality of bliss or joy so when we perceive their presence in the world, there’s a sense of harmony, a feeling of “oneness”.

5. Inner Quietness
Say goodbye to the endless inner noise of our thought-chatter! We align with the things that connect us to the essence of our being, beyond our ego-identity, and strengthen our sense of inter-connectedness.

6. Transcendence of Separation 
Separation dissolves into connection. We no longer feel that we’re “in here” looking out at a world that seems to be “out there.” This sense of connection manifests itself in different ways; at the most basic level, we may feel strongly connected to other human beings, other living beings in general, or to the whole natural world. This shifts to the realization that not only are we one with the world but that we actually are the world.

7. Empathy and Compassion
My fellow empaths, you know this all too well; this ability to “feel with” other beings gives rise to compassion and love. Love stems from a sense of connection and oneness, a sense that you are another person — or other people — and so you belong to them and share their experience.

8. Well-Being
Spiritually awakened people are more likely to feel a sense of gratitude for their health and are much less prone to negative states such as boredom, loneliness, and dissatisfaction. We know we are and always have enough.

9. No longer Fear Death
The ego feels especially fragile in the face of death. When our own ego isn’t the epicenter of our universe anymore, its demise no longer seems so devastating. We know that our own death isn’t the end of all things; the world that is part of our identity and the essence of our being will continue to exist after the dissolution of our bodies.

10. Enjoyment of Inactivity: The Ability to “Be”
If you love doing nothing, you’re on the right track! Solitude, quietness, and inactivity; we can rest contentedly within our own being because there’s no turbulence or discord inside us. Instead, we enjoy them deeply because they allow us to touch into the radiance of our own well-being.

11. Autonomy: Living More Authentically
We finally realize that that all this time we weren’t living our own lives but largely just following social conventions or trying to please other people. We become more autonomous and inner-directed. We step into our power with greater confidence in our choices and preferences and we hold ourselves accountable to stand by them, even in the face of ridicule or rejection.

Each day, many people are becoming more conscious and aware to want to take their lives back into their own hands and escape the model imposed by society in order to really know happiness and live the life they truly want to live. As our consciousness grows, the meaning of life changes for us, and we have new aspirations and inspirations, coupled with the desire to change ourselves in order to change the world.


Dorothy Knight is a Reiki Master Practitioner &Teacher, a Yoga Instructor and wholehearted writer. She currently practices Reiki in Mississauga. She is a certified Reiki Master in the Usui Method of Natural Healing. Her passion is to empower people to reach their greatest potential of health and wellness through Reiki healing methods dorothyknightreiki.ca.  Dorothy is also one of our featured speakers and energy expansion expert at our upcoming HHW “Pure Expansion” summit! Find out more and get your tickets here

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April 29, 2024

Very nice and interesting article, one of the best on the subject.
I think I am in the middle of an awakening of consciousness and I feel very strange.
It is a beautiful and disturbing feeling at the same time.
It scares me most of all that others don’t understand me and I’m afraid that in the long run many people will turn away from me….
Do you think this test is valid? It says I am in the awakening phase.
Thank you

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