How to Boost Your Immune System in the Winter Months

How to Boost Your Immune System in the Winter Months

As the fall rolls around it sometimes feels like the colder days approach us faster than we’d like.  This is the season we typically see more colds and flus than any other time of year.

There is so much that we can do to support our immunity so that we stay strong, especially as the holiday season approaches us.  Stress in our lives is a real thing and it impacts our immune system negatively, so using these tips below will assist you with the strongest immune system that will fight any issue.

Here are some simple ideas that you can implement so that you can fight any giant.

Sleep - this is the #1 thing that is necessary for a strong immune system.  You could be eating the best, taking your antioxidants, managing stress, exercising and more.  If you don’t sleep well or are tired when you wake it will throw all the good things off. These other things are important however, sleep wraps it up into a nice bow.

Drink more water -I know you’ve heard it before and I will likely share it again.  Water is our most important nutrient and its what most don’t focus on even when they know they should.  We use 2.5 litres of water a day just to function. If we’re not replenishing and even giving our organs and body systems the water it needs then our immune system won’t work at its best.  Add lemon, cucumber, mint or even chlorophyll to your water for that extra yumminess and nutrition.

Eat more colour - The typically SAD (Standard American Diet) offers few deep coloured vegetables and more potatoes in the form of fries.  Phytonutrients are essential for a strong immune system. The more colour you can get into your body throughout each day the better.  The deep colour represents antioxidant power which helps your immune system fight off disease. It also helps to alkalize your body and when your body is more alkaline disease cannot live.

Get Fresh Air - we are a society that is indoors more than outdoors.  Getting yourself outside in the fresh air will increase your energy, get you moving (which is important for lymphatic flow), improve mental health and is so important for your immune health. Sunshine and fresh air does a body good!!

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Kristen is a mom of 3 and has been privileged to work in the wellness industry for the last 25 years.  She has a passion for working with women with busy lives to guide them into becoming their own health advocates. They are free’d from excess weight, fatigue, cravings, imbalanced hormones and feeling 10-15 years older.  Kristen puts the ease and fun back into making her health a priority as she becomes the CEO of her wellness.

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