Beyond the Not So Good Times and How to Get There...

Beyond the Not So Good Times and How to Get There...

Completing my Diploma of Positive Psychology and Wellbeing gave me more than an education, it gave me an opportunity to live what I was learning. I applied interventions and activities to my own life before attempting to help others. My panic attacks became obsolete, my relationships improved, and my overall life satisfaction was higher than it had been in years. I was so excited to share what I knew with the world, so excited that I may have scared a few people away. I desired to convince people so desperately to come along with me that I may have scared some away.

Today, prioritizing wellbeing is essential - it’s the only option. If we are going to survive, we need to think and behave differently. We need to adapt to rise above the pandemic of the word. Today, positive psychology offers hope and optimism during times of struggle and isolation. Today, this message will not scare people away, but bring them closer.

Current world happiness and wellbeing is decreasing. Our normal has shifted. Our physical connection to each other – gone. The chance to hug – gone. The chance to engage in sports – gone. The freedom to travel – gone. The ability to go into work – mostly gone. With so much taken away, what will happen to our wellbeing? Will the human species let their happiness be stripped away? My best answer is, no. We will learn to adapt. We will shift our perspectives and connect in new ways.
Applying positive psychology and using strategies for living abundantly is no longer optional. Positive psychology is here to help you move along the continuum from functioning to flourishing. I have put together a few starting points for those of you looking to experience your life afresh. These will help you warm up by sitting next to the kindling fire. Understand that research is not a one size fits all. Each of you is responsible for managing your own science experiment. Try something new and measure your pre and post results to find what works best for you. Find your perfect place by the fire to roast your marsh mellow just the way you like it.
Here are a few suggestions:

1. Take a Strength Assessment. There are free ones and some that charge a nominal fee. VIA Character Institute, Strength Finders 2.0, and my personal favourite – Strength Profile. Once you have your results think about how your strengths can help you work towards improving wellbeing. As a certified strengths profile practitioner, I also offer one on one debriefs using the Strength Profile.

2. Feel some Positive Emotions. Decide what you can do within your space to feel something positive. Feeling positive emotions is essential. I suggest moving three areas to stir up some positive emotions: Your Heart, Your Mind and Your Body. You can move your heart by connecting to someone or writing someone a letter or email. You can move your mind by being curious or learning something new. You can move your body by stretching or running or using your body for weights.

3. Add some Mindfulness. Do a body scan, meditate, or take three deep breathes. No matter where you are, you have your breath and you can use it to create calm and ease in any situation. Mindfulness can be experience while riding a bike, walking or running. It’s a practice that simply involves focusing your attention.

With Love and Kindness,

Josephine Tite
Positivity Speaker, Consultant and Instructor
Certified Strengths Profile Practitioner

"Positivity is Contagious.  Learn It. Live It. Share It. Serve."

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