Collective Leader Spotlight with Sharon Abrego

Collective Leader Spotlight with Sharon Abrego

Describe your business/career/what you do in a few sentences. 

As a Mortgage Broker, I provide financial solutions to clients looking for a home, renewing their home, or those who would like to refinance to help ease cash flow. I tailor their mortgage to their specific needs.

What ignited the spark in you to start your business venture or to make significant changes in an existing business? How did the idea for your business come about? 

I’ve always been one to care about and for people, and after being an executive assistant for many years I felt I needed a change but that I still wanted to help people just wasn’t sure in what capacity. So, I took a year off, stayed home with my kids, and did some soul searching. In the end my best friend’s mom planted the seed for me and I looked into it and fell in love with how much of a difference I can make in peoples lives. 

What sets you apart from other entrepreneurs/companies in your line of work? 

There are many Mortgage brokers out there, just like there are many real estate professionals. It really comes down to who you know you can trust and who you jive with, really. I can say that I am much more flexible with my hours than any bank branch could be. I can tell you that I have access to 35 lenders at any time, which allows me to tailor the mortgage to your short and long-term goals. As an added bonus, we can often beat the banks interest rates, keeping more money in your pocket!

What would you say are the top three skills needed to be a successful entrepreneur/business? 

The top three skills needed to be a successful entrepreneur are in my opinion, time management, good listening skills and passion/compassion. In order to truly do well in what you love to do, you have to be passionate about it and helping those who require your services. Making time to connect with people on a level outside of business is important as well – building trust within a community is a great foundation for success. Ultimately if you are good listener and understand what your clients needs are, you are much more likely to succeed at fulfilling those needs.

What book has inspired you the most? (OR What is your favorite book?) 

When I was an executive assistant, we had a speaker come into a conference I organized for the executives, by the name of Steve McClatchy, called decide. It had a profound impact because of his resilience and his triumph. It is a book about decision making and how easy and stress-less it can be to simple decide to do something and do it.

What accomplishment are you most proud of? (either for you as an entrepreneur, or your company) 

I am most proud of the fact that I decided to make a change in my life in order to be happy. Ultimately, we are destined for happiness, and only we can control what we have in our lives that makes us happy. 

What kind of culture exists in your organization? How did you establish this? 

In our organization, we have a culture of helping other and sharing. When we have a client that has a difficult situation, we brainstorm and figure out together what options we have, so that as a collective, we can make sure that every stone has been turned in order to provide the absolute best product for the client. The more heads we put together, the better.

What sacrifices have you had to make to be a successful entrepreneur? 

In order to become a successful entrepreneur, I have sacrificed many weekends without my family/kids, I have spent many hours working on files. I would say, however that my family have made the most sacrifices of them all. We were fortunate enough to have parents that were willing to move in to help take care of the kids and help keep the house intact while I pursued my new adventure into the unknown. For this, I am forever indebted and grateful. Like many other entrepreneurs perhaps, I can’t say that I financially set myself up to take a year without pay, and to still need to spend money to market myself. But the rewards are showing up and things will all work out in the end. 

Excluding yours, what company or business do you admire the most? 

I most admire a local business called ProActive Training – I joined this group of people to get into shape and man did this man change my life. He is a solopreneur and started out in a gymnasium and at local parks – putting together fun activities to get us fit. He’s a firecracker and has such a zest for life. So much so that this group that started out as 5-10 people now is a facility in downtown Galt (Cambridge) that has upwards of 250-300 paying members. He started from scratch. His office was the back of his truck, he drove around with kettle bells, ropes, weights, etc. in order to provide his mobile service. He is a true example of caring for people will get you abundance more than caring about a paycheck.

Sharon Abrego  
Mortgage Agent
FSCO Lic # M19001998
Tel:  (519) 221-7402

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