Professional Team Building: Connection is Key

Professional Team Building: Connection is Key


Here’s the thing, running a business is tough, being a leader is tough, and leading and inspiring a team can be even tougher. 

I want to share 3 ways you can make a difference with your team, starting now.  Ready, Set, GO!

Leading is all about connecting and building relationships that have a foundation of trust- if you can do that, you are golden.  It’s simple, but not easy.  Truthfully, your day is probably consumed with so many other tasks, so many things you need to get done to keep things ticking along.  So, this requires serious effort on your part, and you need become real intentional about it….schedule it if you have to!  Connecting with your team is crucial to retention, first class customer service and productivity, thus your bottom line. 

The reality is, the majority of your day needs to be spent with your people, with your teams. 

 Here are 3 tips that you can implement starting RIGHT now.

1. Share the Plan.  This means you need to communicate some happenings within the company, or organization.  Many companies like to keep ‘big secrets’ and not share news in the organization- they like to ‘keep people guessing’.  Not only is this ego fueled, but such old school thinking.  It’s insecure management.  So, share the plan, ask for opinions, after all, 10 brains are better than one

2. Be vulnerable.  You don’t have to be a superhero all the time, of course you need to keep it together as a leader, but it’s okay to let you team see your vulnerabilities.  It’s okay to let them know you are human – your teams will admire the heck out of this.  This takes courage and confidence

3.  Seek out the GOOD stuff and say thanks.  Be a seeker of talent, find and recognize it.  Have conversations daily- let go of the ‘annual review’ and communicate daily.

These 3 tips are so simple and will ultimately transform your teams.  Why have just a ‘team’ when you can have a ‘dream team’.


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