Curating Inspiration to Move Past Fear by Candice Lee MacAulay

Curating Inspiration to Move Past Fear by Candice Lee MacAulay

Let’s admit it: starting a new creative project can be scary.

Maybe you’ve gone months without writing a single word.

Maybe it’s been years since you last picked up a pencil to draw.

Maybe it’s even been a decade since you played a single note on your piano or guitar.

But there’s something inside you that wants to take action on your creative work.
There’s an itch in the back of your mind, or an urge in your heart. It’s getting harder and harder to ignore it.

But you’re scared. You start thinking, what if I’m not good at it anymore? What if I try and I fail? What if I share my creative work with the world and get crickets?

I’m here to tell you, it’s okay if you’re afraid. We’ve all been there. It’s understandable to feel
that way if it’s been a while.

But there’s a way to move past that fear, to curate your own personal inspiration, and to dive into the creative work that excites you. Here’s how.

Step #1:

Get something to write on.

Take a piece of paper and a pen. Open a notes app on your phone. Open a blank Word doc on your computer. Whatever is easiest for you.

Step #2:

Think of one thing that inspired you to make and create.

Maybe it was a video/book/blog/album/painting/animation/movie that made you think, “Wow,
I’d love to do that, too!”

Maybe it was a specific person who encouraged you.

Maybe something important or significant happened in your life.

Dig deep and find that one special moment that sparked your creative urges.

Step #3:

Note down how it made you feel, and why it inspired you. Why and how did it make you want to create?

What was it about that album that made you want to play music? What did your 8th grade
teacher say that made you want to write? What about that animation made you want to draw?

Really sink into those emotions and note it down in as much detail as possible.

And finally, Step #4:

Every time you feel afraid to pick up that pencil, every time you feel that fear of putting fingers
to keys, I want you to pull out that note you just made and remember. Remember how it feels to be inspired. Remember why you wanted to create in the first place.

Channel those memories, those moments of inspiration, and I guarantee, you’ll be able to power through that fear and bring your creative vision to life.


Candice is a multi-passionate creative entrepreneur dedicated to writing, music, and mindset shifts. As a multi-six-figure bestselling novelist, wellness e-com founder, affirmation product designer, and amateur music producer, she brings a wealth of experience to her role as a Creativity Facilitator. Candice helps clients overcome indecision, refill their creative wells, get rid of blocks, and take action on their passion projects. With an enthusiastic and empowering approach, she offers 1:1 coaching and workshops to guide people toward their creative goals. Candice's mission is to inspire and support others in achieving their dreams so they can find fulfillment and joy.

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