Daughter of a Remarkable Woman

Daughter of a Remarkable Woman

by Katy Loewen Co.


One day I’ll write a book.  I know I will.  I just need to live more, I need to get a lot of living done so I can earn more wisdom, insight and perspective before I write about it.  


Life has many more lessons to teach me.  To date, my best teach has been my mother.


My mother was a Remarkable woman.  She encouraged me to write.  In fact, after the birth of our first child, I was so overwhelmed with this new kind of love that I had never experienced that I starting writing a book then.  I said ‘Mum, I need to write a book!  Having Mikey has been amazing, I’m so undeserving!’.


She reminded me that I am 100% deserving, and yes love, you should write all about it, all of the time. My book was/is titled ‘This Mother’s love’.  


Life catches up, and we put aside the very things we feel so passionate about, I’m not sure why this happens, but it does.  


Recently, my company just finished up a 3 Part Series of ‘Creating your Life’s Blueprint’.  It’s not super fancy, the graphics could be better, the videos could be better….but you know what, it’s powerful as stink, and it gets us thinking about moving outside of our own heads.  It’s an incredibly powerful exercise.  I was taught this by my mother, a remarkable woman.


She didn’t sit me down one day and say ‘Katinka, here’s the 3 steps to creating your life’s blueprint’.  No, she taught me through her actions, her life and her legacy.  She has been gone now for almost 13 years. Her gifts and teachings continue to flood my memory.  They inspire me and bless me.


Yes, she called me Katinka.


My passion is to give back to the world a little bit of what my mum gave me, she taught me so many beautiful things, and impacted our family tremendously.  


So, being the daughter of a remarkable woman means I have big shoes to fill (although her feet were tiny) and to start dreaming, creating and building my legacy.  What is that going to look like?


At the end of the day, what truly matters is our legacy. The footprint we have left, the impact we have made within the world, and how we have treated people


Every little and big thing we dotodayimpacts our tomorrow.  Here’s the magic, we get to choose if it is going to positive or negative.


My mum taught me abundance.  She taught me that I need to always ‘expect more’ for my life.  Her greatest lesson was ‘Expect more for yourself and you can give more’.   I love that. 


She taught me to always go to the dentist looking sharp, the doctor looking well, and look your verybest when you go to get your hair done.  ‘If you don’t value yourself Katinka, why should anyone else?’  She instilled confidence in me like crazy.  


As the year is beginning to wrap up, it’s ideal to take some time out for yourself and reflect.  Think about your accomplishments this past year, think about your failures, think about how you treated people, think about how you showed up everyday.  Who has been a positive influence in your life, and who hasn’t.  How do you feel?  What can you improve?  What failures have led you to the greatest opportunities?


For me, I have much to be thankful for.  I have had a year of learning, discovering, celebrating, disappointments, struggles, and some sadness. All of this is designed to teach me something.  I’m thankful for discernment.


So, here’s to a wonderful year ahead for all of us, here is to uncovering and leaning on our greatest teachers, here is to abundance.


Be remarkable.


In Strength,





Katy Loewen Co.

Leadership & Success Coach



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