Have you ever written yourself a love letter?

I stumbled on this letter I wrote to myself last Fall after going through huge growth and expansion, and I wanted to share with you as it made me smile.

When I wrote this love letter, my intention was to clarify:

~ What I wanted to work on within me,
~ What I was ready to face, and
~ What I wanted my next level to be. 

As I read through the words, lots of emotions come up as I realize how far I have come.  I have opened up spaces within me and released emotions that were so locked up and stored in my body they were holding me back without me even knowing it.

There has been so much healing within me and so much still left to do.  And this letter is a huge confirmation of the work that I am doing on myself and the journey I am on.

It all started with an intention to transform and ended up being so much more.

Dear Beautiful Rach,

I am so proud to be standing in your shoes today. 

We have come a very long way and still have so much to accomplish and so many versions to become.  You just keep getting better and better!  I am in awe!

As we embark on our next journey there are a few things we need to look at. 
1. Who do we choose to become for this next level?
2. What will becoming this bring us?

As we keep growing and evolving, our next step is to fully embody our authentic self.  

This means that we will stand in our truth always and feel all the feels.  The high positive emotions and the low negative ones as well.  We will feel all of them. 

Going forward, all emotions are a go. No more dissociating to protect yourself, we will keep pulling back the layers and identifying the blocks, the hurts, the pains that caused you to completely shut down.   The more you can feel the hurt, the more you can feel the love.   We are ready for this next level. 

By embodying these emotions, I am giving you permission to feel, to take the time you need with each shadows and each light.  We are opening ourselves up to expand even more and remember, with each breakdown comes a breakthrough.

You are strong and courageous beautiful and when you doubt, look back at all of the challenges you have overcome and all that you have accomplished.  You are a divine warrior queen!

Let this strengthen your connection to your source within and your intuition, let it guide your every move.  You are diving into the sensations and what it means to be completely in alignment with your authentic self and your truth.

Being your highest self means being in your fullest expression, that is our next level of this beautiful life. 

I am so blessed to be doing life with you! 
I love you


Pull out your journal, find a quiet space and think about the person you want to become in 3 or 6 months from now.  Who is this beautiful being?  And what do you need to start changing to embody and grow into her?  Write yourself a beautiful love letter, letting the pen flow and your heart lead.  What do you want to say to yourself?  Be open and raw!  You are the only one reading this letter!

I am so holding you tight right now and sending you so much light! 


Much love,
Rachel xo

Rachel Benton is a Licensed Life & Embodiment Coach and a ThetaHealing Energy Practitioner.  She helps women build their business in complete alignment with their truth and intuition and guides them to create a soulful life that FUELS and IGNITES them!

Rachel is also the branch director for Happy Healthy Women - Cambridge - Join the Facebook Group

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