Lifestyle Change VS Dieting: 5 Steps to Meal Planning

Lifestyle Change VS Dieting: 5 Steps to Meal Planning

Diets tend to promise losing a large amount of weight in a short time by removing a mass number of calories/foods from our diet.  

Lifestyle changes are about adding in new habits that are sustainable and bring joy into your life. To me a ‘diet’ is about having an end game in sight – as in you can stop at some point whereas a lifestyle is about making it a habit for life! Small steps, small habit changes and consistency is the key. This is different for everyone, so we all must figure out what works best for us and slowly change up our habits. Meal planning and prep are my life savers!

If you're about to start a program of some sort and you're asking yourself:

Can I sustain this?

Keep going at such low calories, depriving myself, and shelling out so much cash?

What do I think will happen when I stop following it?

Am I happy during the process?

Do I still love food?

Chances are you've started a diet, and maybe it's time to start a change in lifestyle. I have found meal planning to be one thing that helps me maintain a healthy lifestyle and I love to share how to do it with others as well. 


How to get started with meal planning: Start with one step at a time.

  1. Plan your meals for the week on a piece of paper
  2. Track your food to see what works for you
  3. Shop from home first – see what you can create from what you already have
  4. Only buy what you need for the week
  5. Get rid of the guilt

Don’t get me wrong I do fall back into my old habits too.  It usually has to do with stress which leads me down the spiral of eating junk and then causing more stress on my body.  My strategy is to have an accountably buddy who checks in on me and a food journal has done wonders. The signal for me is getting a migraine, once I feel one coming, I know I need to stop and reset myself again!

I have learned a lot about myself during this journey with food and continue to do so every day! Happy to share more with you!        

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