Follow Where Your Breath Leads You by Christie Hubble

Follow Where Your Breath Leads You by Christie Hubble

We come into the world with a big breath often followed by a cry and we come to the end of life when our breath ceases. This is an automatic function that does not require us to think about it for it to happen but it is something that we can control.

When we are in pain we hold our breath, when we are anxious or excited our breathing becomes rapid. When we are at peace we have slow even paced breath. There is no disputing that breathing is essential to life and how we take care of our breath is important. The connection with our mental, emotional, and physical body is vital. There are many ways to utilize our breath to bring stability to this connection and Neurodynamic breathwork as a practice certainly can help.

Neurodynamic breathwork as a practice can:

  1. Create a space for inner healing
  2. Access material that has been stuffed deep into our subconscious so that it can be processed
  3. Enable one to tap into deeper aspects of life by quieting the mind to hear and see what your body is needing from you
  4. Empower you to bring ideas and creativity into your everyday life

Breathwork, in combination with other practices, helps you explore life in new dynamic ways. As integration takes place you will discover deeper aspects of life you never knew existed. Next month we will explore key principles of Breathwork and integration.

Christie enjoyed a long career in nursing and is now pursuing her passion in self development. Wellness Haven and Health offers Life Skills Coaching, Happiness Coaching, and Neurodynamic Breathwork. Encouraging self empowerment for all clients with a focus on the seven principles of wellness.

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