Four Ways to Silence the "Mean Girl" Inside Your Head!

Four Ways to Silence the

How often do you think or feel negatively about yourself? 

If you're anything like I was, I bet you do pretty often. Am I right?

Love, that it isn't the REAL you. It's your inner critic, AKA your inner "mean girl," that's talking inside your head. 

If you let her, she'll drag you down in just about every aspect of your life. Believe me, I've been there too, but I overcame this, and so can you. 

Here is some practical advice on silencing your inner mean girl and start channeling the real you!


  1. Learn To Recognize Your Inner "Mean Girl": You can only silence your inner mean girl when you're actually aware of it. I don't mean feeding into what she's saying, but listening as objectively as possible. A lot of times, what she's saying is a lie. When that inner mean girl pops up, say to yourself, "I hear you, but I CHOOSE not to listen to you. 
  2. Learn Something New That You've Been Putting Off: If you want to learn something new, do it. Don't give your inner mean girl the ammo for smack-talk. There's nothing worse than that nagging voice in your head that you're not taking action. Feeding into that voice can lead to a downward spiral of continual self-criticism, which leads to feeling inadequate and taking out your other insecurities on your body. Instead, take baby steps, leading to positive thoughts that will replace the "mean girl" smack-talk. 
  3. Stop The Comparison: Negative thoughts are toxic. Cultural conditioning has taught you that your value comes from external things, such as your physical appearance and how others see you. To feel like we belong, we place high expectations on ourselves to be a specific size, look a certain way, or have certain things. Often, we may be sure that others are judging us, but people aren't even thinking about us most of the time. The next time you feel like others are thinking disapproving thoughts about you, challenge it. Most people are more concerned about themselves to notice how you look. It's just your inner "mean girl." To detach from these expectations and the harm they do to your self-esteem, you need to recognize that voice and shut it down immediately! 
  4. Practice Gentle Movement: The goal is to start to connect with your body through movement. When we are continually pushing ourselves to go further, faster, and longer, it takes pleasure from physical activity and can leave us injured. So skip the gym and practice gentle yoga instead. The body awareness you gain through yoga helps cultivate confidence, body acceptance and relieves the stress that can lead to disordered eating. Reconnect, listen, and learn to tap into your body's wisdom. 


When I coach women, this is just one of the things we work on. It's essential to reconnect to the REAL you. 

Changing your life happens from the inside and builds the confidence to go after a life that truly lights you up. 

Connect with me if you'd like to explore how we can work together so you can live that life. 

XO, Stephenie



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