Getting Beyond the Fear to Live Your Best Life by Rachel Benton

Getting Beyond the Fear to Live Your Best Life by Rachel Benton

Nine years ago I quit my stable corporate job to pursue my dream of becoming an entrepreneur.

My job wasn’t fulfilling me anymore and I needed more!  I wanted to inspire and empower.  I wanted to make a difference & an impact.

But what I didn’t realize then is that I wasn’t quite ready for that YET.  I hadn’t grown into that person YET! 


I came face to face with my fears and so much resistance.  I questioned my abilities, my beliefs and my worth. 

It was a battle between staying inside my comfort zone and expanding and growing.  I felt so much fear..

Fear of failure

Fear of being rejected

Fear of getting it wrong

Fear of being seen

And through my journey.. my ups and downs..  my wins and lessons, here’s my biggest lesson:

You might have an amazing service or product but when you overlook your ENERGETIC ALIGNMENT, your INTUITION, your EMOTIONS, your MINDSET, your FEARS and HOW YOU SHOW UP, you will find yourself stuck and struggling.  Your business will plateau and you’ll be frustrated and lost.

When you start looking inside yourself, connecting to your soul and the energy of who you are you start releasing and letting go of what holds you back. 
You know..

- The self-doubt and second guessing (Can I do this?, Who am I to do this? Maybe this isn’t for me?)

- Saying yes when you really want to say no (Wanting to please everyone)

- Criticizing yourself (There is no way I can do this! I’m not good enough, confident enough, knowledgeable enough)

- Comparing (What are others doing, maybe I can do that too or there is no way I’m that kind of person)

- Being paralyzed by fear (letting it consume you and lead you)


I see you!  Cause I went through it, ALL OF IT! 

It was definitely a process but I learnt every step of the way. 

It’s what I needed to move my business forward because..


So as I was feeling resistance, doubt and fear I started putting together a method to help me move past my limitations and stepping outside my comfort zone so I can connect to my authentic self and my inner wisdom.

 This method helped me grow into the successful soulful entrepreneur I NOW AM and helps me and my clients every day.  


Take an honest look at your business (and your life) and ask yourself:
Is there an area that feels stuck?  Take some time here and go through what is not working for you. Write it down, have the courage to look at it and acknowledge it.

Start looking at how you show up - what is your state of being:
How is your energy, your emotions, your thoughts, your habits and your self-talk.  Are they working for you or against you? What and how are you holding yourself back? 

Check in with your beliefs: Where are the cracks in your belief system?  Ask yourself, what do I truly believe about myself and my business?  Do I believe I deserve and am worthy of being successful and fulfilled?

We have a tendency to not want to look at the dark shadows within that are holding us back from living the life we truly want.  It’s looking at these that we shift the energy that we project and start attracting what we want.

Take some time, reflect on the questions and have the courage to be honest and truthful about what you are feeling and thinking.  The only way to change anything in your life is to be aware.  That is your first step - Discovering the SelfBring awareness to what is really going on so you can make the changes you need to find joy and fulfilment in your every day!

I am cheering you on!

Much love

Rachel xo




Rachel Benton is a Licensed Life & Embodiment Coach and a ThetaHealing Energy Practitioner.  She helps women step into the essence of who they are so they can build a business in complete alignment with their truth, intuition & integrity and guides them to create a soulful life that FUELS and IGNITES them!

Rachel is also the branch director for Happy Healthy Women - Cambridge (

Connect with her today:
Instagram: @wildroserising

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