Goals. What are They? Why are They Important? By Kayleigh Kennedy

Goals. What are They? Why are They Important? By Kayleigh Kennedy

I have a mentor who shared with me that the word ‘goal’ is one of the most misunderstood words. It really got me thinking and reflecting. 


I operated for many years without setting my own goals. I had dreams, but not goals. And GOALS, real inspiring goals, are what will move you towards your dreams. 

For most of my adult life, my goal was always to find the next best thing. I graduated college for the first time in 2008, and ended up finding myself working in the restaurant industry. I turned my part-time job that got me through college into my full-time job.

I stayed in the restaurant industry for ten years. Trading my evenings and weekends for money. I grew tired of this and in my mid-twenties decided to go back to school for Public Relations. In 2015 I got my first full time career, a 9-5, what had really been my goal at the time. Let’s just say, this career move was a massive pay cut. That’s when my life started to not make sense. That is when I felt truly lost. And that is when my debts started to accumulate, my anxiety started to rise and I really felt like I had no idea who I was…

Why am I sharing this? Because the more people I talk to, the more I realize this is the most common type of goal. The goal of getting to the next thing. Whether that be a career move or retirement. 

Those goals don’t inspire me now and they definitely didn’t when that was my reality. 

In 2016 I was introduced to Network Marketing. What this did was open my mind up to goals. REAL INSPIRING GOALS. Goals that change lives! It also opened me up to personal development, which led me to where I am today - a completely different person, living a completely different and improved life. A happier, more fulfilled life. A purposeful life. A life filled with faith, hope, love, joy and alignment. 

There are 3 types of goals.

The first type of goals are goals you have already achieved once before. The second type is a goal you think you can achieve. Both of these goals are very logical and also very uninspired. This is where I find most people live. And that is ok, but I want to show people another way. A way that will truly impact every single area of their lives.. 

Inspired goals are goals that you want to achieve and have no idea how to get there. There is nothing in your current reality that reflects that you can achieve this goal. 

When I first set this type of goal, my life started to change. I started to attract the awareness, the people and resources to me to achieve the goal. I started to grow. I changed. I released years of debilitating anxiety, because, through setting these types of goals, I invested in my first mindset coach. This is where everything started to unfold. And where I attracted my current mentor and role on his team, and my life has continued to expand. 

The truth is, the goal doesn't change, but sometimes the plan will. The HOW for our goal is not up to us. When we focus on an inspired goal, we really do attract the people and resources to us to gain the awareness we need to achieve the goal. What we are looking for is that awareness, it is also ideas. Ideas that we only find when we grow our awareness, step out and really GROW! 

The true purpose of a goal is not actually to get. The purpose is to grow. Growth is where the true unfoldment takes place. And what I have observed over my two-years working in the personal development space, the growth is what attracts the goal. 

I have a client who started working with me in the fall of 2022. She was earning around 10K a month in her coaching business. By December, she earned almost $100,000 in one month. That is a fantastic result and definitely a quantum leap. But what is most interesting is watching her grow. She isn’t even the same person as she was even three months prior to that. 


Growth is what we are all seeking, whether we are seeking in consciously or unconsciously. My husband mentioned to me once that I had grown so much he didn’t know who I was any more. When he first shared that, it opened my eyes to how much I have grown, but also to the opportunity for us to get to know one another again. Our relationship has never been better.

Are you constantly going after quantum leaps? The truth is, if you are, you are in for the most wild and most amazing ride. Quantum leaps in business always lead to quantum leaps in life. When you grow and expand, everything around you changes. The old model disintegrates to make way for the new model; one that is on a higher frequency. People around you elevate with you. You let go of the old and make space for the new; for what you really want. 

I invite you to look at the goal you set for 2023 and ask yourself, is this an inspired or a logical goal? Is this the goal I really want? Is this a goal that is going to stretch me, drive me and grow me? 

My life just continues to expand, and yours will too! If you want to connect and start to set bigger goals, and achieve them, reach out! You can book a call with me here and I can help you unlock your true desires! 

4 years ago I was working in a cubical barely making ends meet and now I am now living a life I had only once dreamed existed. The how isn’t up to you. Just ask yourself, what do you really, REALLY, want? 

Kayleigh Kennedy 

Senior Consultant, Sales & Mindset Coach, Conway Consulting 


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