How to a Anchor in a Higher Timeline into Physicality – by Dorothy Knight

How to a Anchor in a Higher Timeline into Physicality – by Dorothy Knight

Every single differing thought, feeling and action puts you on a new timeline.

What’s a “timeline?”

A timeline is an experience events that resonate at a specific energetic frequency and consciousness. You can have “low vibe” timelines based in fear and contraction and you can have “higher timelines” based in love and expansion. Our future is literally being created from the NOW.

It’s incredibly powerful when you fully take that in… give yourself a moment.



- Do you feel like you've been living life on a certain bandwidth or loop forever?

- you've been manifesting a better something but it's not showing up?

- Or your manifestation DOES show up, but you can't sustain it in reality?


Timeline Jumping can help you create the life situations that you want.

All possibilities exist in our Universe.  Your desire is there waiting for you to focus on it and bring it into view. Where is your energy going? That's why it’s so important, if you really, really, really want something, to stay focused on it and its vibration!  Each time you digress from your manifestation by thinking a conflicting thought or getting triggered up into lower vibing energies, you jump onto a different timeline that affects your future.

Your Higher Self arrives at your manifestation before you do.

Think of your manifestation as the lighthouse or the port you are traveling to.

Whenever we set an intention, we "anchor" our energy into a plethora of potential timelines.

Then we, as soul essence in human form, follow that energetic line (like a running rigging line of a sailboat).

Our Soul essence is the wind to put our physical vessel into motion.

And like most sea voyages, the waters can get murky, challenging, and frightening.

Keep your eye on the prize.

We see that speck of our ourselves in the future light up ahead, and we gather all our skills, strengths, willpower, determination, and courage to forge on.

Against the resistance we flow through.



The real secret to manifesting your highest timeline is learning to surrender to:

▪              the current situation as its unfolding

▪              your current energy as its evolving

▪              accepting the gifts, skills, and wisdom you already have

▪              using every resource, you have available to you in a supportive and collaborative way

We often set intentions as something "out there" and forget about all the work that happens in between.

Manifesting is a co-creative voyage from intention to manifestation between you and the Creator; the all-knowing limitless part of you that exists everywhere.

As we learn to surrender to the Divine flow of life, we meet and release those parts that don't resonate with the (LOVE) frequency of our highest timeline.

We meet ourselves as the most beautiful expression of life.

What is the highest timeline you are here to express?


Dorothy Knight is an Author and Spiritual Coach. Her coaching programs have helped hundreds of clients heal unresolved trauma and embody their full potential. She is passionate about empowering her clients towards self-mastery, illuminating the way to fulfilling their soul mission with passion, purpose, and play.


Before becoming an entrepreneur, Dorothy got degree in Journalism New Media from Sheridan College Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning. After that, her path shifted into holistic health, and she received her teacher training in yoga. Dorothy is also a certified Reiki Master, Ohana Generational Healer and Conscious Parent Educator. As an author and Soulpreneur, she travels and teaches in some of the most beautiful places on Earth. Dorothy is still a “stay-at-home mom,” running a successful 7-figure business and writing books.


Dorothy is the Director of the HHW Burlington Branch.

She currently lives in Burlington, Canada with her husband and two children.




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