I blame this, that, and all the things!

I blame this, that, and all the things!

I saw this quote by the awesome Brendon Burchard on Instagram today that I LOVED, really resonated with, and felt called to share:

"When you are standing in your full power, you are not a complainer."

Ohhhhh Friend! This sparked so much for me as I thought back to the days where I used to BATHE myself in a Victim Mentality. Ever been there? Maybe you're like:  "I'm there right now and everything sucks". If so, you're not alone - but you should definitely read on!

A victim mentality refers to a state of mind in which a person feels helpless and as though the world is against them.

I was DEEP in this. So deep, that I would sit at my little pity party for one blaming this, that and all the things for why my life wasn't going as planned. As you can imagine - the only things that ever came of those days were more friction and frustration. Then - I got coaching, did some personal work, and learned how to shift that mindset into one that empowers me. That's when things opened up and everything started working IN my favor.

Here are 6 big things I learned that helped me make the shift...and a little further down, a resource that you'll love if you're feeling the need to step into a more empowered state as well.

1. Being a victim is a LEARNED HABIT that most of us grow up with.

2. There are many ways to be a victim, and if we do it in one area of our lives, chances are we do it in others.

3. To break free of the Victim Mentality takes work, and requires an attitude shift - but it's certainly possible.

4. Being a victim is not our natural way of being. It is not abundant, life-giving or free.

5. Victim Mentality is something we accept for ourselves and we can decide to live by a higher standard.

6. As long as we accept it, there will be those out there accepting that we are the victim as well, and strengthening our victim mindset right along with us.

The thing is, if we are comfortable in the Victim Mentality, we will use it so many ways when it comes to our physical, mental and emotional well-being. It becomes a crutch that actually hinders our growth.

The good news is - overcoming it and stepping into an empowered state will serve you, your relationships, your health and your business SO much more.

Oh, and that resource I promised you: One of my favorite pieces from Dr. Wayne Dyer that gives a simple way to start de-victimizing yourself. Take 5 minutes to listen to this and feel instant freedom - The Art of the Shrug.


In Happiness & Health,

Natalie Colalillo

Founder & CEO Happy Healthy Women

Instagram: @happy_healthy_nat

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