Job Search or Start a Business?

Job Search or Start a Business?

We live in curious times… more and more in the past 5-10 years people are thinking about starting their own business, instead of following the traditional corporate job path. Lots of perks with both options – and if you’re in this quandary yourself, I’m curious, are you thinking to start a business to avoid the job searching process? If you are, keep reading.

For many, the job search process is a daunting one. You must put yourself out there, talk to a lot of people, and face being rejected over and over again in the hopes of someone saying “Yes, join our team!”.

In the face of this, starting a business could seem like the simpler choice. No job to search for, just create your own!

Except, have you stopped to think about how you are going to get clients?

… you put yourself out there… talk to a lot of people… face rejection…

Kinda of similar to the job search process. Except, instead of landing one job, you repeat the process over and over again – you need multiple clients. Huh.

There are many wonderful reasons to start your own business, let’s just make sure the fear of the job search isn’t one of them, or else you’ll be sorely disappointed.

Quick Tip – instead, ask yourself which one will get you closer to your goals, fastest!



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