Jump In!

Jump In!

Jump in with Both Feet.


Here’s the thing.  Life can get tough, it can get real tough.  As women and men, we are faced with decisions we need to make every single day, small daily crisis’s and sometimes big ones.  We have bills to pay, mouths to feed, little people to nurture and care for and for many of us, we have elderly parents to care for.   On top of that, we have jobs.  We have people we are accountable to, and people that we lead.  It’s full isn’t it? 


We go through the motions.  We do life.  We just do it.


And that’s all good, and that’s admirable.  But there is usually more.  A lot more.  And sometimes life can kick us in the pants.


We can get hurt.  We aren’t treated well by our boss, or by our company.  We ‘thought’ we were getting that promotion.  We don’t feel fulfilled at work.  Our leadership is lack lustre because we may be feeling inadequate, or insecure.   Maybe you are running your own business and you feel lost, alone and fed up.  After all, you do have 1.2 million daily responsibilities.


But here’s the thing,  you’re a go getter.  You’re a savvy business woman, you take no prisoners. 



Yet… the past hurts keep you up at night.


Yes, been there.  Felt it.  Damn near killed me.


Here is what I know, and I was reminded of this when I was in church on Easter Sunday morning in Mexico.  My good friend Bob reminded us of this; Don’t let past hurts or failures stop you from believing what you know to be true.  Don’t let them stop you from moving forward’.


Of course, we can apply these simple, yet powerful words of wisdom to almost every aspect of our lives.  Our belief system, our faith, our workout goals, our marriages and relationships, our careers and most importantly, our life’s purpose.


We’ve all been hurt.  We’ve all been mistreated, we’ve all been disillusioned by someone or something.  I take comfort in knowing I have a fellow sister tribe of others who have experienced the same thing.  Vulnerability is okay, and I know I am not alone.  Vulnerability is courage.


 I truly believe those hurts, those lessons and those moments of WTF in our lives, are designed to make us BETTER.  STRONGER.  WISER.  AUTHENTIC.  COMPASSIONATE.


Truthfully, do we have a choice?  It’s best to rise up.  It’s not about winning or losing, it’s about thriving, moving forward and empowering others.


As a coach, helping others discover their superpowers and really dive into their leadership and influence in my passion, it is without a doubt what I was put on this earth to do- to pull the greatness out of you.  It really was.  My coach once said to me, ‘Katy, people are like your food and water, aren’t they?  You just love to be with people?’  Absolutely, 100%.  Thus, I know that my failures, my hurts and my disappointments only compel me to be an outstanding coach.   I’m using what I thought was once going to kill me, for good.


So, do this.  Sit back and think about those hurts and disappoints and think about what you can pull out of them to help YOU move forward by giving back to someone else.  Discover what your passion is, and chase after it, chase after what you love and what lights you up.


Do what you just can't stop thinking about!  Just jump!


Keep shining!





Katy Loewen Co.



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