Let’s Talk About the Remote Work Benefits that Women Need

Let’s Talk About the Remote Work Benefits that Women Need

Remote work is a good flexible opportunity for most professionals, but there are many ways where it could be better for women.

Working from home is important for women across the board, but the details matter. In fact, Catalyst discovered that women were twice more likely to downsize their career opportunities due to their lack of access to flexible work arrangements. Though the setup provides women with more control over what they want to do, studies also reveal that they can get more overworked as they juggle multiple responsibilities at home.

If you’re an entrepreneur who wants to empower and improve the health and well-being for the women in your company, here are the remote work benefits that you could look to provide:


Fitness Benefits

Working women are more prone to overworking in remote setups, making it difficult to squeeze a workout into thier work day.

While it can be tempting for everyone to lounge around the house after work, your company can encourage your employees to get up and get moving through fitness benefits. Our article on ‘How to Manage Your Health and Fitness Goals at the Office’ provides tips that are still applicable at home, such as planning and prepping your whole week. Companies can do this by scheduling meeting-free hours every week, and enabling female executives and employees to make room for a company-paid virtual fitness class.


Virtual Healthcare Services

Pre-menstrual syndrome? Menopause? These are just some of the health concerns that working women have to face.

Unfortunately, without support these health conditions can affect productivity, even when women are working in a remote setup. For companies that want to keep their remote female employees happy, Wheel demonstrates how virtual healthcare services can address these specific concerns by increasing your employees’ access to world-class clinicians, mental health support, and diagnostic services. With this increased access to healthcare, your business can achieve up to 70% savings in operating expenses, and ensure gender-sensitive healthcare support for female employees.


Online Educational Programs

As a female entrepreneur, you probably understand the importance of having a clear path for career advancement as a woman.

Given that women are more likely to invest in their careers through remote work opportunities, companies can increase their potential by providing free online educational programs. In fact, Fortune reports that about 14% of workers are already benefitting from online skills and training courses that were covered or reimbursed by their employers. The skills needed to perform the same job could change by 40% in 2025, so both employers and employees can benefit from upskilling the workforce through these online educational programs. Through these opportunities, women can enjoy greater stability and even achieve more progress in their careers.


Retirement Planning

Financial well-being can affect employee mental health and performance, but many employers tend to overlook this aspect.

Financial well-being is very important for working women. Insurance company TIAA discovered that the retirement savings of women are 30% lower than those of men. Women experience many missed saving opportunities due to career breaks, so companies need to invest in their retirement planning through financial education. Companies can offer virtual financial seminars that can teach women how they can budget and grow their retirement funds. On top of that, your business can also pay for financial budgeting apps that can help them allocate their money properly.

Your company will grow stronger if you prioritize empowerment. Through these remote workplace benefits, you can uplift your fellow women and be rewarded with a happier, healthier, and more productive workforce.

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